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Today's Breaking News - ON FIRE!!!
1/21/2008 1:45:51 PM

Hi Adlanders,

Nothing can be more HOT than THIS!!!

BREAKING NEWS ... Trafficera has now launched!

I just came back from its site AND…

Trafficera is really unlike any other traffic exchange, and in fact, it goes way beyond a traffic exchange to provide several other features and services that truly make it


Have you heard about TS25? TrafficPods? HitPulse?

They're all from a company called Logiscape,
and they all have one thing in common...

They are some of the best traffic exchanges ever!

The Best Traffic Exchanges Ever? Sounds Like Hype...

Agreed - it does sound like hype doesn't it?

Well, in this case it's true.  These exchanges
have consistently ranked in the top ten of all
the traffic exchange reviews.

They consistently:
- deliver more hits
- deliver better quality traffic
- deliver new and innovative ways to earn credits

And now, Logiscape has just launched it's newest

creation, and it is set to beat all the others!


You will be able to do all of the following and MORE!

1) Advertise your websites, splash pages, and banners to millions of people worldwide
2) Connect with other people from around the globe
3) Join in discussion groups related to your own interests
4) Maintain your own blog
5) Compete in weekly competitions for huge rewards
...and a whole lot more!

Run along now and take a very urgent look -

This is a new era in traffic!!!

To our success,

By registering early you will be able to take advantage of some of the great early rewards they are offering in the launch week promotion.

Don’t wait until everyone is talking about how incredible this program is before you join. You are in a unique position to benefit right from the start.

I look forward to having you join my community, for Trafficera among all other things is the newest on-line community.



Merry Makowski



I want to fly high with SFI, care to fly with me… You might say “But to fly, we must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying. “ Of course one cannot, but together we can :-)

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