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My Blessings to you for the year 2008!
1/3/2008 8:42:02 AM

Blessings to everyone of you my kind friends,

It is 8:15 thursday morning and it is 21 degrees here in Texas. Now from someone living 20 years in California, were it gets maybe 50, this is freezing cold. I am writing to you all today jusy to say hope the New Year is going ok, and remember that God never ever changes the way he loves you all, unconditionally with no strings attached. I am not much into resolutions...but I will say this. When i was in prayer the other evening, I sensed the Lord was trying to get my attention and that was to get to know you all more on a personnal basis because he has good works and blessings ready to come this year, for those whom trusts him. So what does this mean Minister tommy??

I truly believe that God is looking for people to come to me and help me in certain areas were he is about to bless me in. Now you can just say that is bogus, or you can say wait a minute..for example my wife sent out a prayer request she had received, and by doing so she was to be blessed the same day, and receive word from someone she had know for years, well in the mail she received a christmas card from a long lost friend she had since she was a little girl. What God works on is our faith we have, we can say oooh yea right, but if we believe god for doing this, then wait to see your blessings to come.

I am going to starting a couple of programs that will be called The healing of the Mind, Soul, and Body. You will not want to miss a single part of this series! God has something big for me and those whom will follow his lead, so you can just sit back and do what you have been doing for years, or you can trust that God wants to bless you this year in so many ways, so why not just follow your heart and listen to what God has to say and not what you feel.

I will start this series this get ready to be blessed big time, have your friends you know come over and be a part of this also. I pray you make the right discision on this and all you do this following year!

Love and Blessings to you all!! Minister T.

Tommy Heldenbrand DivinelyAnointedMinistries
Joyce Parker Hyde

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Re: My Blessings to you for the year 2008!
1/3/2008 2:36:11 PM
A Blessed and Prosperous New Year to you and your loved ones!
Today we are up to 38 degrees from some ridiculous twenty-something number-had me California dreaming myself!
I have hung blankets over windows and covered broken panes with tape- and I am truly blessed:)
Re: My Blessings to you for the year 2008!
1/3/2008 5:17:57 PM

Blessings Joyce,

Thanks for the comment, we are still thawing out from the temp this am, and it is going to get lower tonight, look out for ice hanging off my nose. Look for my series coming up soon.

Your in Christ!

Tommy Heldenbrand DivinelyAnointedMinistries

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