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Money to be made!
1/2/2008 2:10:08 PM
What is HOT for 2008

....MANY ways to EARN....

...Check this out in detail...

Money to be made!

With so many programs to choose from, one has to be very careful when choosing a business that will last. A Business that is legitimate is a must. One that has a product or service that will stand the test of the market place for both the short term and the long term.

     One World United
    A Master Card that Doubles as a Discount Card.
    Get the card that Saves!
    Add One World United's Compensation plan.

Join the team that 

* Earn Money
selling a card that will allow you and your customers to get a discount from our participating merchants.

* Earn Money
Building a team of associates.... getting paid unlimited levels in our lucrative matrix. (the comp plan is not yet online - PM me and I'll send you a powerpoint that explains it in detail - web updates soon coming so we will soon have compensation plan online)

* Earn Money
by receiving a commission on sales made "By Merchants" in their establishments that you set up --- and get this  "Merchants Join our Program FREE"
Mechants Large and Small now can have a customer Loyalty Program ... FREE!

Merchants LOVE our system!

* Earn Money
helping non-profit Fund Raising Organizations Raise Cash (coming soon)

You'll want this card! - Not only does the card give you a chance to "save" when you shop, but since it is a Master Card Debit card - you will pay no interest on money spent. (you need to load the card with your cash.... or better yet - EARN with our lucrative system and receive your earnings directly onto your card)

Since it is a Master Card Debit Card - there is

NO CREDIT approval required.

This Business has been four years in the development. Master Card as you can imagine was difficult to deal with, so you can be sure that the T's have been Crossed and I's Dotted ten times, to meet their requirements.

Both USA and Canadian laws and legal issues have been met and we are in business across all of North America.... and soon expanding around the globe.

There are so many other benefits and income producing systems in the works.

This one is the HOTTEST business available.

Start your 2008 off with a winner.

Join my Team and let's hit the deck running!

Love Light and Laughter!
Neil Sperling

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