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Cycle 24
12/12/2007 4:51:51 PM

Hi dear friends,

today starts a new chapter of history, not about us but about a well known and loved object. Our sun started cycle 24. As many will know or remember from school our sun activity cycles normally 11 years. And science is able to predict this very precisely. Don't make me laugh. There is a special panel for this kind of solar physics. 26 scientist gave their opinion, with many of computerized calculations. You may have a guess, 25  calculated wrong and 1  hitted the time exactly. That is what we can do, to beat the average. Not depending on machines and heavy hitters only, no we are using common sense and intuition. But why the sun and why cycles. If my subject was the sun only, I could bore you for days. But before I leave that much adored subject only a few basics. The light and heat from the sun are indispensable to all nature. Humanity is also part of nature and needs sunlight for health and well being, for vitality and happiness.We potentially harm ourselves when we hide from sunlight light, it is the basic component from which all life originates, develops, heals, and evolves. Light has been used for healing since the time of ancient Egypt. Here we stop !! to end a very serious misunderstanding or degenerating propaganda. Sunlight is in no way harmful to our being. We need the light of life.Because we need the light to produce vitamins and vitamin D3 is the most important, it prevents many diseases. Even for cancer prevention. And here again I have to be careful. Not to long in the bright sun about noon, not looking in the sun directly, but take away the nasty sunglasses, they bring you eye ailments. The healthy eye is perfect to adapt.

This brings me to a nice but well hidden (secret)stupidity, relating to  our Sun, Egypt and Science. If you ever have the opportunity to travel go to Egypt. Take a cruise on the Nile and go to the Assuan dam. Have a visit to the temple of Rhamses ll. Do your honors, prayers or meditation whatever you like and then have a big laugh because of our age science incompetence. As you may know or not the temple is not standing on his ancient builded place. He was builded where now the lake is. Many people involved, cut him in pieces and with help of our science they rebuilded him, exactly as he was. Lot's of money and one year computer calculations where involved to do the job right.

What do I mean, yes the rebuilded the puzzle pieces exactly, the place is well chosen, but the returning day and date of every year , the sun cycle, when the sun should right shine in the face of Rhamses ll,,, is two days late. Don't trust science to much.

Be confident and listen to your inner voices, calculation and measurements are correct when you buy shoes or build a house. When it comes to create a happy, healthy and fulfilled life, we need other tools. Our tools are build in our minds, we have to trust our selves more. And we have to listen to our inner voices, even when we are being coaches, what can be of a tremendous help. We are responsible of our actions. and we are too living in cycles.

Have some fun

best wishes Bernd


Larry Blethen

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Re: Cycle 24
12/12/2007 6:26:25 PM

hello Bernd...thank you for this great information...

  Happy Holidays...Larry

Larry Blethen, 304-369-5603
Re: Cycle 24
12/14/2007 3:29:06 PM

Hello Larry,

Thank you for reading and the holidays greetings.

I'm pleased with your replies,

Best wishes Bernd


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