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I tried to instill these values of helping others into my children
12/8/2007 12:50:03 PM

My 16yo daughter has been having a blast this Holiday season with her school group - DFY (Drug Free Youth). 

They started raising money at the beginning of the school year, then they contacted Target to give them tax-free shopping and a few donations.  The kids had the school give thier teacher advisors a listing of kids in the different schools whose families need help for the holidays.  The teachers assigned each family a number and each kid a sub-number with a list of what they liked.  Only the teachers know the identities of the family members.  The kids only know if it is a boy or girl, thier age and their likes. 

Then the kids gathered at Target, picked up the cards listing the kids ages and likes and went shopping for them with a predetermined amount of money per kid. 

Yesterday they gathered at the school to wrap up the gifts, put into gift bags, then boxed together for families and wrapped those boxes.  The boxes were numbered on the outside with a peel away sticker.

Next week, the families can come pick up their gifts, or the kids/parent volenteers/teachers will deliver them to the local schools, or for the families with no transportation - to thier homes.  They also are delivering boxes of donated food items to the families.

They also put together bags of gifts for the local shelters and children's homes.  When they take those to the children's homes, they stay to play games and host a party for the kids.  My daughter has learned so much from these kids and this activity.  I'm thankful to the school for allowing the kids the opportunity to work in this program.

The kids are already trying to find other ways to help.    My daughter asked me yesterday if she could ask the school if they would allow her to host a party for the kids in her school who were labeled slow.  She said they always seem left out of the regular activities.  I told her we would go into the school on Monday to see if we can get permission to do so. 

I'm really proud of her and all the other kids who spend the time to help others.  It tends to renew my faith in the world.

Happy Holidays everyone,

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