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Dean Beaty

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A Christmas Song about God's Greatest Gift
12/5/2007 7:22:59 AM

IT TOOK GOD’S SON   By Dean Beaty  7/16/03


The wonder of the starry night,

   That light the sky above.

May show the power of God’s great might,

   But little of His love.


The galaxies so vast and great,

   Man’s wisdom cannot trace

Shows God’s great power to create

   But nothing of God’s grace.



It took God’s Son to show His love for man,

   And God’s great gift of grace.

He knew before creations work began

   His Son would take our place.

Of all God’s gifts to man to show His love,

   No greater gift could be,

Than when God sent His Son from heaven above,

   To die on Calvary.


If every song that men would sing,

   Were sung for God alone.

And every word in praise we bring,

   To lay at God’s great throne.


‘Twould take us all eternity,

   And then we’ve just begun,

To praise God for His love so free,

   In giving us His Son.

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Re: A Christmas Song about God's Greatest Gift
12/17/2007 8:35:19 AM

Dean and Gladys,

I enjoy all of the beauty of the earth and know if was created but an awesome God.  But as you say, I see no signs of grace. I see if in lives around me, I feel it in prayer, I experience it when I have done something not in his favor.

Thank you for this song and I would like to know its source.



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