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Roger Macdivitt .

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Tonight I'm sad folks, well I was.
12/2/2007 6:30:09 PM

Hello my friends,

Every so often in our lives we have to make BIG decisions.

Some of you may recall that a few months ago I was experiencing computer problems and that I took a step back from networking to sort things.

Well, I didn't go far enough in sorting out those problems. Today,with the computer crawling, even on high-speed I decided to download an anti-spyware prog. I then got a conflict with an existing program and it froze up. In the end, after many re-boot attempts I decided to dump programs and files. Whoops, deleted something wrong and now, can't get online, cant even access any files, address books, anything..........

So I decided that I needed to take stock. I'm still struggling to understand some progs, I'm spending too much time in making money in too many places at once. I love my garden business, I love my hypnotherapy and NLP and I love to write. I've said before that I enjoy working with people and that's going to take a priority over the money chasing.

Don't get me wrong, I like some cash, but, I've got to free my spirit.

So, like I've said before, I shall be spending some more time off line and so my presence is going to be less. I'm sorry.

I shall do my best to support the really important issues here but as i'm now forced to share a laptop for a while I shall not be able to have the same level of input. 

So, now for the positive stuff.

From this time forward I shall be preparing blogs and writing and researching and I SHALL BE BACK, stronger and prepared to teach some good stuff. You see, I've been so busy trying to do other stuff I'd forgotten what I was good at. So, to all my best friends, I'm not going far, just a few blocks away, I'll pop back soon, and soon I'll be back, REINVENTED. Please still feel free to send PM's but don't expect INSTANTreplies.

Today I was devastated, tonight I'm upbeat. Why not? It's not every day we get to start again. Ok, so I'll find it difficult but my wife might get to see me more.

See you all now and then and I'll be back BIG TIME after Christmas. So, Happy New Year will be order of the day.

Love you guys,


Judy Smith

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Re: Tonight I'm sad folks, well I was.
12/2/2007 7:09:34 PM

Hi Roger,

I just PM'd you when I got the direct contact email.  I will miss you!  Please have a Happy, Holy and Merry Christmas!!  I am with you 100% in your effort to step back and take stock!!  You will be back stronger than ever!!!

Be well and be blessed, my friend!!



Robert Coaster

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Re: Tonight I'm sad folks, well I was.
12/2/2007 7:12:30 PM

Hi Roger,

Take all the time you need everyone needs to step back sometimes & what better time of the year then the end to create new goals etc. We will be awaiting your return. Happy New Year to you & your family!

Take care,


Sheryl Loch

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Re: Tonight I'm sad folks, well I was.
12/2/2007 10:52:50 PM
I think that everyone needs to step back once in awhile.
You have picked a great time of year to find your spirit.
I am sure you will be back & feeling wonderful. Or your wife will want you out of the way & will make you come back. LOL!
Have a wonderful season,
Sheryl Loch ~ allmylovecrafts


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