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Re: Babette's Poetry Thread by Sara
12/1/2007 4:25:45 PM
I will Joe! I'll post some more.  Thanks!

Babette  :)

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Re: Babette's Poetry Thread by Sara
12/1/2007 5:38:24 PM
Yes and I am looking at someone else going through it, I have not had the luxury of being depressed since the little storm!
Babbette and Sara, you both stimulate me to act much faster on my ideas than I have for quite awhile, the writing and the gardening are so entwined.
I want to share my hot off the presses latest article:

I literally am creating as I walk! I have arranged the garden into what I now see to be a retail space.
I will be selling pecans and cut flowers and what ever else I come up with, I'm on a parade route so people come by on schedule-all the other vendors sell water and food.
I am having trouble connecting spiritually to the web designer so I will take it as a sign to be patient!
This moving soooooo fast! I will be able to sit out in the yard and create wreaths and floral arrangements and sell them and then get them online as well.
This is such a blessing and I do not speak lightly when I credit you two and Sam, Luella, Judy, Terry Gorley and LaNell.
*Of course I can't possibly name everyone I feel this way about-Oh my Dr VC!
But for now, where I am now, I think the ones I missed know who they are:)
I love you all.
In time the story will unfold and all of us will be prospering together.
Re: Babette's Poetry Thread by Sara
12/3/2007 12:07:00 AM

Hi Joyce!

This is so sweet of you.  You're kind word in mentioning we were able to motivate you genuinely comes from your heart.  Your gift of expression has impacted one's soul.

Things happen for a reason, people also meet for a reason…you are the reason. The traits in which you possess are honesty, sincerity, and authenticity is what defines "that's what friends are for".

Thank you so much.

Your friend,

Babette  J

Health is the Ultimate Gift of Life Cherish, Honor, Appreciate Come Visit the Home of Archangels.LifeMax.Net
Re: Babette's Poetry Thread by Sara
12/24/2007 9:32:39 AM

Joe, thank you!!  I have missed my friend Babette and looked her up.  I had forgotten about this forum (how could I do that at this time of year!!)?

Babette, hope you will take Joe up on his request.  In the meantime, here is a Christmas wish.

A candle burns bright

In the window tonight

A star shines in the sky

And no one wonders why

For tonight is the night Mary gave birth

To a Baby who is to free the earth

In His name we can all be free

So we should all shout with glee

As we wish Jesus

 Happy Birthday

And celebrate this Christmas Day

With lots of Holiday Cheer

Merry, Merry Christmas

And Best Wishes for a better New Year!


Sara Gardner Blow© 2007

Thank you again, Babette. 


Re: Babette's Poetry Thread by Sara
12/24/2007 9:36:30 AM

Hello again, busy Lady Joyce.  You make me want to come sit in the warm sunshine and help you make wreaths!!  Would love some of your pecans, they are sooo expensive around here.  Need some today for my Sweet Potato Casserole.

Have a wonderful Christmas and may the New Year bring much happiness.



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