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11/25/2007 12:52:33 PM

A woman asked her husband to take care of their daughter whilst she went out to run some errands.

“So Mandy,” said her father, trying to figure out how to keep the little girl busy till her mom gets back, “what shall we do?” Noticing a magazine with a picture of the map of the world, he decided to cut it up in little pieces and get his daughter to put it all back together again. He thought to himself “That should keep her occupied for hours and I can quietly watch my football match in peace.” He placed all the pieces on the table and his daughter got to work exuberantly. After about 15 minutes Mandy cried out, “Daddy, daddy, I am finished!” “What,” her father thought, “can’t be?” He looked and there neatly pasted together was the complete map of the world on the table, “How did you do that Mandy?” he asked totally amazed.

“Daddy, as you were cutting the pieces I noticed the picture of the man and the woman on the reverse-side and I thought, if I can put the man and the woman back together, I can get the world back together again!”

Yes, that seems to be the challenge with our world today; we seem to have lost one another and our society suffers, putting our world in a troubled state. Show some love to your family, friends, neighbours and strangers today!

In Love and Mastery, Kimberleigh Matthews Everyday in Every Way - Getting Better and Better! We Fall Down and We Get Up and Keep Going!! Life is a Phenomenal Trip!

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