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Breaking The Wave
8/7/2005 6:09:53 PM
The Tipping Point Those who desire change are often counseled to expect small transformations and rewards that reveal themselves slowly. And the most profound adjustments in how people perceive the world often do occur gradually, with clear relationships between the cause and the effect. But ideas can literally be contagious, spreading little by little from one individual to another, with no noticeable societal change. No large-scale change, that is, until a critical mass has been reached. At that point, the tipping point, change is accelerated and rushes forward, almost unstoppable. The idea can be something concrete, such as the widespread interest in a fad, or something more cerebral, such as growing spirituality, enlightenment, or experiencing an awakening of consciousness. To visualize the tipping point, think of a wave composed of individual drops of water representing people. As people embrace a movement or method, be it Buddhism, yoga, a goddess, or meditation, they increase the wave. As more people benefit from it, the wave grows, until it reaches its peak and plunges forward, actively drawing people in, without their being aware of any change at all. At that point, the idea, social behavior, or trend begins to spread at an amazing rate. When applied to the context of an awakening conscious, one person may assist another in that awakening and they in turn may help another. But the spread will only progress from individual to individual until the tipping point is reached. When the critical mass is reached, it becomes almost futile to resist that awakening, and the whole of a group or even the whole of humanity may be transformed. The tipping point is a period of change wherein a creative minority can make a tangible difference by spreading positive ideas to the majority. It only takes a single individual to tip the wave. In applying the concept of the tipping point to your own growth, it may be helpful to remember the power of one. It means no effort is useless, because it is contributing to a larger outcome, and that even small actions can produce profound changes. What do you think? I wish you enough!
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