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We thank the Lord for our veterans and our nation.
11/12/2007 11:58:04 AM

CAN GOD BLESS AMERICA?   By Dean Beaty  6/19/03


“God bless America,” we hear it everywhere.

But can God bless our land, when He’s not

sought in prayer?

His word is left unread and heeded even


And yet we say “God bless.”  How can He answer, yes?


We print “In God We Trust” upon our currency.

“One nation under God.”  His name we speak most free.

Maybe I’m a skeptic who sees the darker


For those, through Him, made new, have

dwindled to a few.


“The wicked shall be turned” His word

says, “Into hell.”

“All nations that forget their God”* and

who rebel.

He’s taken from the schools, forbidden in

the class.

Now I’m afraid alas, His word has come to pass.


Can God bless our land, no longer under God?

Or will we see His wrath and feel His judgement rod?

The choice is ours to make, the future’s in our hand.

If we will take a stand, we’ll see God bless our land.


Revival is the key, His word speaks loud

and clear.

He calls us to repent. He calls, but will we hear?

He is a God of grace with mercies new each day.

If we would bow and pray and walk the narrow way.


* Psalm 9:17

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