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Welcome to Network Marketing
8/5/2005 6:57:35 PM
Hello everyone. I am Kenneth R Sword Jr, Moderator of this forum and I will be here to help you with any questions you have about Network Marketing. AdlandPro honored me with this position from the input of many of you, the members, of AdlandPro. To give a little about myself. Prior to starting an internet business I was a professional musician. After 25+ years I retired from the road but still perform from time to time. I am also currently the Music Director with the David L Carrasco Job Corps Center in El Paso, TX. I teach music and life skills to youth and young adults at the center, opening their minds that have been shut for various reasons. And to show them there is more to life than gangs and trouble. How does music and network marketing have anything in common? The music business is a "Dog Eat Dog World" and all people involved are in competition to sell theirselves to make a living at what they love. From Promoters to the stage hands and musicians, Recording Execs and Advertisers, each has to be on top of the game and become "In Demand" or you don't work. You also look for "niches" in the business. Network Marketing works the same way. You, your team or downline, and your product have to be in demand. You have to create the "Buzz" about you AND your company. Otherwise, no paycheck. Currently, I am Advertising Admin of MEGA Traffic and MEGA Classifieds, a partner of the MEGA Team, publisher of Sword's MEGA Traffic Blogger, run several NewsGroups on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Founder of "Your Own Internet Business Today". Also hold Gold/Affiliate status here at AdlandPro and PressMania, and promote several affiliate programs and products. Now accepting the role of "Ask an Expert's" Network Marketing here at AdlandPro. I hope that I may be of help to each of you and your business. I do suggest to start a thread with your questions you have or if a topic has been started that is similar to your question feel free to post your question(s) there. To our success Kenneth R Sword Jr.

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