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Beryl Payton

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Happy Birthday Bill Sullivan
10/23/2007 9:02:50 AM

Hi everyone,

Come help me to wish a friend here at Adlandpro a very, very Happy Birthday, and if Bill Sullivan is not on your friends list, please send him an invitation.

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Daniel Meritt

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Re: Happy Birthday Bill Sullivan
10/23/2007 9:07:41 AM
Hi Beryl

I have not been in Close contact with Bill but that does not meen I cant say Happy Birthday to you Bill.

Lets hope there are many more to come  :)

Have a Great Day Bill.


Judy Smith

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Re: Happy Birthday Bill Sullivan
10/23/2007 10:18:30 AM

Wow, Beryl, you have really gone all out on these parties, girlfriend!!!

What fun!!

Bill enjoy every minute of your special day, and have a wonderful and Happy Birthday!!!



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