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Rose Enderud

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Art Exhibition at Adlandpro #19
10/8/2007 12:07:07 AM

It is our pleasure to bring you the

Arts Exhibitions at Adlandpro
An on-line exhibition of work by Artists and Craftsmen at Adlandpro
(A new exhibition every three weeks)

This is the first exhibition of our second year and we have enormous pleasure in welcoming you to an exhibition featuring the work of a very special member

Exhibition No. 19   

The Watercolors of Luis Miguel Goitizolo

Luis Miguel has been a member of Adland Pro since September 2005. and comes from Lima, Peru.   He is better known amongst us as Adland's Art Critic and  the owner of the finest quality forum at Adland - Great Art of the World and also for his networking acitivties on Marketing Pond.   But he is also a fine artist himself as you can see from the work we are privilged to show you.

Watercolors by Luis Miguel Goitizolo Silva

                                       "Quebrada Honda"                                        

"Sea restaurant at dusk"

" Llanganuco Lake"

"Tropical swamp"


"South Pacific"

               "Alter-ego"                               "Me-on my fathers death"

"Still life with Flowers"

      "Lord Shiva"

About the Artist

I was born in 1945 in Lima, Peru, to a family of meager resources. So although in theory we belonged to a comfortable middle-class family, I never had a real opportunity to study music, art or literature, which I passionately loved.

It was only after I was forty that I was at last able to take courses in watercolor painting. The courses completed, I sold my old van and travelled for a time, mostly by train, photographing the wonderful landscapes of my country - a tour which for years to come would inspire me to draw and paint as a hobby - until I ran out of money and had to get back to Lima and my usual occupations, which included administering small businesses and doing translations.

After that, except for intermittent attempts at painting in watercolor and a little in acrylics and for what would finally become my most cherished project here at Adland (my GREAT ART OF THE WORLD forum, which you may visit HERE), my love for art has never really found a public way of expression until this very moment, with this opportunity to exhibit some of my painting in this excellent forum thanks to Rose, Jenny and Venerina’s kindness, and thanks to your benevolence as well.

As to the paintings here: All landscapes were painted from photographs taken by me except for “Trees-a” and “Tropic swamp,” which were taken from photographs by one of my sisters who is a painter as well. Lord Shiva I copied from a picture of an old masterpiece of the Greek-Hindu-Buddhist school of painting. It took me several months. Self-portraits and stills were painted from the natural in about an hours work.

I want to give my special thanks to my dear friends Jenny and Rose who made this exhibition possible.

Luis Miguel Goitizolo Silva


The Arts Exhibitions Team

          Jenny's Site                       Roses's Site                Venerina's Site

Joe Downing

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Re: Art Exhibition at Adlandpro #19
10/8/2007 12:14:41 AM
Hello Luis,

Excellent style you have.  I really enjoyed viewing the watercolors.


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Mary Hannan

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Re: Art Exhibition at Adlandpro #19
10/8/2007 12:25:11 AM

Hello Rose, Jenny & Venerina

Hello Luis,
Your work is magnificent! I really enjoyed the exhibit.

Georgios Paraskevopoulos

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Re: Art Exhibition at Adlandpro #19
10/8/2007 12:31:22 AM
Hello Rose!

Thank you for the invitation. This exhibition was expected. knowing Luis from his excellent work and exhibitions on master pieces I could imagine to see Luis here for or later.

New look and and nice designed introduction.
Congratulations for the set up.

Luis, I am too ignorant to make critics on art and master piecees. I am grateful that we have amongst us a friend, you, who is a painter and knows Art from close.

The painting "me-on my fathers death" gives an expression that I can read the feelings since i went through such a situation.

Congratulations for excellent work

Have a great new week
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