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Chief Mechanics Paid To LIE??? ... Come on now ...
9/3/2007 7:14:44 PM
I bring a statement forward for rebuttal.

"Companies like Shell, BB, TEXACO that are quoted with their Chief Mechanics paid by them, to say what the normal Joe Block NEEDS to hear. IT DOES NOT WORK. Of course it does not work for them when they suddenly would sell 15% less on fuel. LOL hahaha. Ignorance repeats itself over and over again."

First, it would be the fuel designing engineers that would speak for any oil company and only through their Public Relations Office after all materials were looked at by their legal team.

If this were the case as you state above and your product were to work the industry would buy out your product and remove it from the market as they have done with other products in the past that proved to work. As example is of a carburator/evaporative system that was designed to get 100 MPG's and was tested and proven in the 70's. It was designed and tested by a student (Tom Ogle) from UTEP's engineering dept. The design was bought by a car manufacturer later on and then was never to be seen again.

News article on Tom Ogle June 17th, 1977:

As to how real this story is there is now a film being made on the story.

"100 MPG is the story of a young man who, in the 1970s, invented and patented a 100 MPG (miles per gallon) fuel system for automobiles and his efforts to market the system. The story was suggested by real events that took place in El Paso, TX, Las Cruces, NM and Deming, NM."

I surely wouldn't think that New Mexico State University would make such claims and do a film without knowing the facts on it.

With all this said, if a top fuel producing firm hasn't bought your product to either take it off the market if it worked or took it and added it to their product to raise the cost and value of their own product then it's just not worth looking into or using. Common business sense here.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

Phillip Black

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Re: Chief Mechanics Paid To LIE??? ... Come on now ...
9/4/2007 11:44:30 AM

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for another healthy dose of Common Sense. 

This is pretty much what I've seen for as there have been "little magic pills" and other "elixers" to improve our gas mileage.  If it works, we'll never see it, at least not for long enough to market it ourselves.

However, on the bright side, the people who get in at the top are still going to make money.  Doesn't that make you feel "warm and fuzzy" all over, knowing that you are contributing to such a worthy cause.

Remember the famous quote:

"There's a sucker born every minute...and two to take 'em."

Even though history has shown that it's highly unlikely that these words were ever spoken by P.T. Barnum, whoever spoke them, would be just as "Right On" today as He/She was back then.

Thanks Again My Friend,


“There may be trouble all around, but I am calling you to a place of peace. Be still and know that I am God. Come to Me, and I will give you wisdom, strength, and grace for everything you face." Psalm 46:10
Donna Zuehl

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Re: Chief Mechanics Paid To LIE??? ... Come on now ...
9/4/2007 11:16:07 PM
Hi Kenneth, I have been very skeptical about the products being promoted for increasing gas mileage. They seem too good to be true. Your post seems logical. DonnaZ
Jenny SJ

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Re: Chief Mechanics Paid To LIE??? ... Come on now ...
9/5/2007 7:13:20 PM
Hello Kenneth

You have just confirmed something that has always concerned me in relation to these supposed fuel saving products that are being marketed by multilevel marketing.  If they are so good, how come there is no competition from equivalent direct selling companies?  In the case of most other products succesfully sold in multilevel marketing, there are plenty of direct selling competitors - Amway were not the first nor the last to sell cleaning products!

Equally,  it is noticable that no major car manufacturer (which could benefit from a fuel saving product) promotes these products.  And of course, no fuel producer has snapped them up.

Anyone remember De Lorean?


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