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Mary Hofstetter

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Adlandpro Cookbook Sponsors Page
8/26/2007 1:23:10 PM
A D L A N D P R O C O M M U N I T Y C O O K B O O K SPONSORS ******************************************************* Hi everyone this is the page to place your ads for everying that has to do with cooking. Make your ads rich in text so the spiders will love it. Add your url and any information you want the cookbook reader to know about what you promote. Thank you for being a sponsor. In return you may make a second signature line on all your recipes with an ad. The cookbook: leave notes and recipes on appropriate pages. ********************************************************** Ok---let's see those ads on this page. This page will be edited when we have it complete.
Eva Gutray

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Re: Adlandpro Cookbook Sponsors Page
8/27/2007 3:24:46 AM
08-27-2007 Tasmania - Australia Hi AdlandPro Friends Mrs. Mary Hofstetter, I will be happy to send you a little booklet it is 8 day diet from breakfast to dinner. If interested let me known at or by post at E.Gutray PO Box 729 Riverside 7250 Tasmania - Australia Warm Regards Eva
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David Nettles

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Re: Adlandpro Cookbook Sponsors Page
8/27/2007 5:21:32 AM
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Re: Adlandpro Cookbook Sponsors Page
8/27/2007 10:41:50 AM
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