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9/2/2007 5:09:24 AM


 I've got a strange tale to tell, which happened to me personally.

 I did not go to my sons last school nativity play, so I waited outside the school gates, which is next to the graveyard, you can see into the section which has the ashes of the deceased, it was dark by then I was not paying much attention to my surroundings.

There was no-one about, as I casually glanced over to the cemetery I noticed a pair of red eyes looking at me, not human, animal perhaps? I said to myself your seeing things Margaret , but I looked over a few times & the eyes were still there staring at me.

I decided not to look anymore but we are all nosy by nature, so I glanced over again, there was not one set of red eyes looking at me, there were at least 15 or more looking at me, Well I Went into the school grounds where there was light, and people started to come out from the play. But I was really spooked I can remember it as clear as if it had happened yesterday.

I will never go past the school after dark anymore, I just feel that it was not natural what happened that night, It was not cats, Im sure of that.

I've not told anyone about it, I don't think anyone would believe me. Can anyone offer an explanation of what I saw that night.

Thanks for listening

Margaret Halliwell



Arthur Webster

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9/2/2007 10:30:03 AM

Hi, Margaret,

There is one possible explanation for the eyes - the reflections of candle light from the red votive candles often used in cemetaries. I have seen this many times, especially where there are metal or glass vases and containers to mark particular vaults for ashes. This could explain why the numbers of eyes increased as it got darker since those further away or with smaller flames would not show until it was dark enough.

Another explanation could be that you were 'under observation' for some reason by either earthly entities or something else.

I notice that you did not seem to feel threatened even though you moved to where there was light. Maybe you should pay another visit and see if the experience is repeated but take somebody with you.

There is much we do not understand and it may be that you were simply being given a message as simple as "We understand why you could not attend the nativity play" or even "Maybe you should not stand in the dark - it might not be safe" in either case there should be no repeat performance. If there is a repeat and you cannot find a rational explanation, try simply asking for one.

The Old Coot


Sharon Lee

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9/2/2007 10:52:44 AM

Hi Mary, Sorry I am late into the thread. I read all the stories and with much interest also...;-) They are amazing.

I believe in mystery and angels. I have a true story to tell.

In 1989, I had these little pains in my tummy for a few days. These would come and go. I could go about my normal activities for the day and just passed them off as eating something wrong.

On the third day,, I felt tired and had to take a nap which is very unusual for me. I layed down and shut my eyes. I had a very clear vision of my GrandMother laying next to me and rubbing my hair. She whispered to me. "Go to the Hospital now".

I woke up, Called my Doctor and told him of the pains and of the vision. He told me to go and meet him at the hospital. I packed my overnight bag and told my husband to lets go. He said. "Why the suitcase?" and told him of the vision and he laughed.

My vision saved my life. I had a ruptured Tubal pregnancy and My doctor told me if I was 4 hours later, I may have died.

My husband did not laugh after that. And there have been more visions also. There was one more that My mother saved me with my Cancer in 2001. She also came to me in my dreams...;-)


Robin McLean

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9/2/2007 11:07:41 AM
A couple of months ago, I left my apartment and headed off to the local Walgreens. When I got the main street, I looked left, right, and left again, as I'd been taught to do since learning how to safely cross streets. Just I as raised my foot to step off the curb, I heard my mother's voice call my name "Robin!", and I instinctively froze where I was to answer her (something else my sisters and I were taught as young children - to stop whatever we were doing and respond back, to our parents). In that split second, a garbage truck barreled past me! So close to me, that I felt the wind from its frame. Now, where that truck came from, I have no idea, as I definitely looked both ways (and saw no traffic)... and how I clearly heard my mother's voice call out to me, I haven't a clue. (my parents live up north in Washington, DC, and I'm 1,000 miles away in Hollywood, FL). What I do believe is that it was none other than Divine Intervention, without which, I would NOT be here to share this accountant with you. Miracles & Blessings, Robin
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Mary Hofstetter

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9/2/2007 2:51:58 PM
This story was posted on the announcement to this forum. I didn't want to lose it by deleting so I have copied. Story is told by Tiong Ho Poh, Queenstown NY, Singapore Tiong Ho Poh ***********************************************************During the time when metric system was not yet internationally adopted, some doctors checked the weight of corpses and found all of them were 1/3 pound lighter than before the person died. This confirmed that whatever we called the thing that left the dead body had a weight of 1/3 pound. Have you heard of such research ? Do you have any personal experience on this topic ? A lady was dead for a few minutes on an operating table. The young doctor scolded her: Stupid woman, if you want to die , don't die on my operating table. An average doctor would want to have the reputation of having majority of those they operated to remain alive. This lady said as she floated out of her body, she could see the doctor, the nurse, and everything else clearly. She heard all those words from the doctor. Later on, as her heart began to beat and the blood pressure began to build up, she woke up. She told the young guy : "you're a stupid doctor". That doctor was shocked and from then on, the nurse never heard him scolding over any corpse again. If spirits are able to see us and to understand our language, surely we can communicate with them. The problem is, why would a spirit want to talk to us or we want to talk to them? Maybe the spirits want us to transfer merits to them? ******************************************************* Remember that song "Don't talk about me when I'm Gone"

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