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Know What Holds Up In Court? It's surely NOT Your Word ...
8/23/2007 8:28:31 PM
If you were to ever have to face a court and have to explain why you were involved in a scam, a scheme, a ponzi program, a pyramid or anything that is proven fraud what do you think the Judge will go with? Someone's word or evidence and paperwork?

So just because I told you that Viagrow is the best male enhancement out there and we are taking in people and building teams and using donational marketing to build awareness would you join on my word? You better not!

I may be leaving information out, can misrepresent something because I changed a phrase or word, or I led you to believe all is good and negated to tell you of any side effects from the product.

The only way you are going to know all of this is by reading what the company is all about and what they say about their product. Remember, I'm just an affiliate and I want money for my efforts for advertising this. I have nothing to lose if you join and money to gain.

SO BEWARE!!! People have lost much because of ignorance. And the courts will not let you blame your responsibility/laziness on another person. Do your due diligence so you don't get caught and have to pay fines, restitution and possible jail time.

Another advise post to help you.

Re: Know What Holds Up In Court? It's surely NOT Your Word ...
8/23/2007 9:35:52 PM
Greetings Kenneth, Gary and Janice Hawkins of Lewiston, Idaho appreciate you sharing this with us. It really helps to always document everything. A number of years ago I was approached by a man in California that had one of those programs that was just to good to be true. His plan offered to quadruple your money in just 16 weeks. So I watched it for a number of months and things seemed business as usual... So I bit.. I invested only $200.00 as a test and did not offer to promote it till I saw results. Just four days before Payment was to be paid on my account, I got a letter from Marion Greenspan, Head of Postal Fraud in California telling me that I had been defrauded and was issued a subpoena to appear in California as a Federal Witness. The trip was not my fondness! However the State of California did reimburse me for my flight both ways and reimbursed my motel and eating for nine days. I was pretty much confined to stay and wait to give my testimony. I was lucky to get that part of my money back however of my original $200.00 I later got back $139.00 So it pays to use common sense and document everything! It was my fault for eber getting involved in the first place. My sponsor said he had been paid twice in two cycles so I took a chance....My mistake!!! Their are no get rich quick programs that are honest and moral. To do well you must work persistant and help others to do the same. We are all taught to not trust anything or anyone so when we do see something quite Wonderful, most of us don't beleive it!!! Today their are safety in numbers and in groups of people working together. We recently join two groups that offer to pay us just for doing what we do anyway!!! You have probably already seen these if not please join us and we all will prosper together... and Our favorite program for the last eighteen months or so has been We are still using Enviro-Max Plus a US Patented Fuel Catalyst that offers to increase your mileage up to 35% Have we seen a 35% increase...No...but a 34% increase is close enough for us. Driving from Lewiston to Kuna Idaho is about 280 miles one way. We use to get 28 to 29 miles per gallon real consistant but after using this product, we are getting 38.3 and 38.5 miles per gallon. When you understand that using just a half ounce per ten gallons of fuel at a cost of less than 17 cents per gallon and saving up to 34% or say a third the cost of your fuel at todays prices is a no brainer plus all the other beneifits as well. No joining fees either! Just order when you want online. You will be really impressed if you watch a short Video with Johnny Rutherford on why this product works and look at all the testing reports and testimonials and judge for yourself??? again referred by Gaary and Janice Hawkins Preferred Customer'S ID#2749701 Our favorite group or Social Society has always been the Adland community. If you are reading this and we are not on your friend's list, please send us your invitation, thank you, respectfully, Gary and Janice Hawkins of Lewiston, Idaho.
Donna Zuehl

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Re: Know What Holds Up In Court? It's surely NOT Your Word ...
8/24/2007 12:09:30 AM
Thanks for the advice Kenneth. It is better to be safe than sorry. There are so many programs offering quick money. I have gotten to the point where I avoid all of them. I hope nothing I am involved in is a ponzi program or pyramid. If you know one of my programs falls in that category, please let me know! DonnaZ
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Re: Know What Holds Up In Court? It's surely NOT Your Word ...
8/24/2007 7:16:45 AM

Once again, I thank you, Ken!

Great information.  So many of us have learned these things through the sad happenings of experience.  What you are putting out here is preventive medicine for all who want to pay attention.

Bless you!



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