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This * * Cash Flow * * Strategy Has Paid Out Thousands!
8/18/2007 12:22:19 AM
 We Made $500 the first week we tried this! 
This is the easiest way I've seen for someone who isn't making good money to make several hundred in less than 30 days.
Hello again, it's me! I have several important updates to give you. Also a personal prayer request/Friday update/inspirational encouraging message at the very end of this email.
This is a serious business. This network has shipped out over $270,000, so there are a lot of happy customers!
Several months ago, a friend of several years told me about a new way to make money.  At least it was new to me because I had not heard of it before. She shared how by taking trial offers she had made $500 in one week. I had no idea there were companies that paid good money for a person to test out their products/services, but Incentive Marketing is for real and it really does pay out. So based on my friend's recommendation I decided to try it for myself and I also was paid $500 in about a week!
Now several months later, my friend is working this full-time and is making around $2000 a month. I've added a twist to the way she is doing it, so that you can use this to build several monthly residual income streams.
This is my current favorite Incentive Marketing Program and it pays out daily 7 days a week! If you are in the USA or Canada Click Here.  You can sign up for free. Choose the reward towards the bottom of the page that says, Custom Order (0 Referrals) I'll explain in your welcome email what that means.
Once you become a free member I'll receive notification and I'll follow up with instructions on how to get started and how to utilize this to build several residual income streams. It is the easiest type of program where it is possible for a new member to make $160 or more in less than 30 days if that is your goal and focus. And with our new revised team training you'll learn how to use this to create several monthly residual income streams. I'll give you step by step training action plan steps.
If you are in a different country besides the USA or Canada just contact me and I have another Incentive Marketing program that I can get help you to get started with and you'll receive the same training for the residual monthly income streams.
 Paying Out For Way Over 198 Days!     There are so many happy members getting paid great money weekly and even daily! Some are receiving thousands weekly!
I just looked into this passive earning program this month!
I have spent a lot of hours looking into passive earning programs. This is something I've been wanting to do all year and it has taken me this long to get around to it. But it was my goal to present a new passive earning program this month because I know so many are interested in those type of programs.
What I discovered amazed me. I found a passive earning program that has been documented as paying out to their members for over 198 days! The company has said they are actually much older than that, but that is how long they have had a strong online presence that can documented as paying out. My only regret is that I didn't take a look at this months earlier, because there are so many happy members that are thrilled with this program. Many are withdrawing out serious money weekly. This program conducts itself in a very professional manner and has some very satisfied members who have put serious money into this.
I searched around long enough to know that members think highly of this program. The wonderful thing about networking on the Internet is that it is very easy to know when members are unhappy, they are very vocal!
Click Here to become a free member.
Go the 1st Step Box, put in your desired user name, your desired password and your email address.
Then click on Step 2, to complete your registration. The program does not give referrals information. So as soon as you sign up as a free member send me an email and I'll send you instructions for getting started, the best strategy to benefit the most with this program and the various methods that myself and my sponsor have used to make thousands in passive earning programs the last couple of years. Please include your User Name and if you give me an email address I'll send you updates on this program. I'll be checking on the status and keeping up with this program so I can give you progress/feedback/update email reports. Please put the name of the program in the subject line of your message.
Don't pass this up, it could be an avenue to pay you a very serious income stream before the year is over. Programs like this are very rare! And yes this program has paid me. Withdrawals are usually processed in less than 24 hours.
 * * * Marketer's Dream Tool Box * * * 
There has been a lot of attention about this program because of the money that many have generated with this, and yes myself and my sponsor have made good money.  But what many haven't emphasized is this is marketer's dream if you need to learn about ways to direct traffic to your website. It's always helpful to learn how to market your programs more successfully. This program offers it's members training that is valued at over $2000 if you purchased it separately. Off line and on line marketing methods are taught. Click Here and you can listen to the recorded message, then click on the red link that says, Click Here to See the Undeniable Proof for additional information that you can read and listen to. Then once you register for the call, I'll send you a link where you can listen to the call anytime through your computer.
 We build under you after you join!
This is a program I joined months ago. I haven't talked about it very much, but recently it has made some great changes in the compensation plan. Now we can concentrate on building just one leg and still have the ability to earn either a great part-time or full-time income. It is a true team orientated system, because literally everyone we bring in is placed in a single line under everyone else.  We are in a very strong leg and there are 836 paying members in our leg and every week that number grows. Once you become a member every single person that any of our 836 members bring in, will be placed underneath you!
There are plenty of trainers available to help you and your referrals get trained every single week. And there are even recorded training calls in the back office so that you can listen 24 hours a day on your own schedule. If that isn't enough training for you, I can also plug you into the Profit4you Team training where you can learn from myself and several other very successful trainers.
And even better is that, this is one rare membership where you will actually lose money by not being a member. There is a leaders board where the top 10 members who saved the most and took the time to report it are showcased. The top savings per member the last time I checked was between $150.00 - $405.94 per month! Not bad for a program that costs only $19.95 a month! You can even click on the Savings Leaders Board and see exactly what the top people saved money on, so that can give you ideas in ways to utilize the savings benefit for you and your family! What more could you possibly want?
Click Here to take a free tour and evaluate this incredible company for yourself. We will start placing paid members under you in less than a week! With a true team building concept every new member is placed under everyone else in the leg. This is the best single leg compensation plan that I have ever seen.
And the program is offering great step by step training that will give you a game plan of how to be successful and of course I'll give you my own training tips as well.
~ I have another project that I'm planning to introduce to my contacts, probably in less than a week. 
I believe this is one of the best systems that I have seen and I don't say that very often. I have to say that I haven't seen a compensation plan like this one, it seems to have solved all the problems of why a person has problems being successful. But I'm especially impressed by the wonderful training, marketing, sponsoring system that my sponsor has created for everyone on our team.
What my sponsor is doing is working because he has a down line of over 300 in just his first 3 levels! We can plug you right into the training system so you can receive the same training that he used to accomplish that goal and I'll also train you in the ways that I've made money the last couple of years working full-time from home.
Before I announce this to my thousands of Adland friends, other contacts and do Internet Marketing,  I want to give a first notice to a smaller group of serious, committed, motivated people so that they can have at least a 24 hour advance notice before I broad cast this and do regular Internet Marketing. I would like to have leaders and those who are excited to learn how to utilize this system in place on our team first.
Would you like me to add you to the list of people that I tell about this program first? If you give me your email address, I'll give you at least a 24 hour advance notice. Then you can evaluate the system for yourself, before I announce it publicly.
Between the company compensation award plan, the system and the training that my sponsor has in place, I have never seen a system with this much potential! I'll probably send out the first notice to those who ask me for it sometime between Friday and Sunday and then share it with everyone by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week
In the next 7 days I'll try to be put the other income projects that I'm involved in, on my Adland Web Page, if they aren't included there already.
If you have any questions concerning any of the above mentioned income projects just post them by hitting reply to this forum post. I normally am able to answer forum posts in less than 24 hours.
= * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * =
Georgios Paraskevopoulos was kind enough to feature me in the Philoxenia forum. So many Adland friends stopped by to visit. If you haven't seen it yet, just Click Here.  
If you are a new Adland friend and you would like to learn more about my personal background my Bio was featured in Adland when I was voted Adland person of the week last fall. Click Here to read my Bio. There is a short one paragraph summary by my picture if you don't want to read the long Bio version that I wrote.
The future looks bright!
"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success...."
= * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * = * =
Personal Update:
I had to spend several hours today (Friday) with some off line tasks. Starting to feel a little tired. But that's a good thing. Just a few weeks ago I was on such a crazy, turned around schedule that I was going to sleep at 7 AM or even later. I don't think I'll have any off line issues to tackle on Saturday so it's my plan to work on Yahoo and Adland correspondence and team training. I'm so excited about new training resources/systems that will be a part of our team training, I have a lot of information to share with our teams. There are so many exciting things to report.
I'm am behind in several tasks, but it's encouraging that I'm am catching up bit by bit. I do have times when I have to resist stress/discouragement, but as I remind myself to encourage myself in the Lord, I realize that God's favor has helped to solve some of the challenges that I couldn't have possibly solved in my own human efforts! My prayer request is for God's help, wisdom, favor, direction, blessing and favor to help me in certain personal situations that have to be dealt with over the next few weeks. The main verses that I'm standing on that are an encouragement to me are Psalm 46:1, Isaiah 40:31, and Psalm 121:1.
Thank you so much for your prayers and your friendship. Adland friends have been a true blessing in my life and I hope in some way I have been a blessing in yours as well!
I heard an inspirational story on ESPN this week. And no it wasn't anything about the Colts winning the Super Bowl! LOL Although that is the best way to bring a smile to my face, when I remember that my Colts are finally Super Bowl Champions.
A retired NFL player shared this when he was recently elected into the hall of fame. It meant a lot because in his life he had messed up badly several times and gone through some rough personal public times because of it. Because of that he didn't think he would ever be elected into the Hall of Fame.
He shared this story with tears falling down his face during his acceptance speech. This is what he said he heard spoken to his spirit. "To anyone who has ever doubted or felt they didn't measure up, tell everyone this, 'Look Up, Get Up, Don't Ever Give up!' I actually found that inspirational enough to write it down several days ago when I first heard it.
Well the story gets better. A man who was considering committing suicide heard his speech. So rather than killing himself he decided to drive himself to a church instead. Isn't that an awesome story?
You never know when someone is about to give up. Rather it's giving up on life, on a relationship, or a personal dream. Carry these words in your heart to encourage yourself and others. We all need to be reminded of that message from time to time! God will make a way, where there seems to be no way.
Touch your highest vision & make it part of who you are in every moment.

I've enjoyed making money working from home for over 8 years. I have a real passion to show others how to do the same.

All members share in a revenue profit pool that is paid out several times a day! You don't have to sponsor to participate and earn. Get paid very well just for advertising your business. No daily sub commitment. Start with as little as a one time $2 ad. This site has a write up that explains what makes this income stream so unique. ~ ~

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This income cash strategy paid me $500 the first week that I tried it. Since then it has paid me over and over again. Now it come with a free Marketing System. You can also access marketing resources and training to help you to build any business. You can be paid in 48 hours.~ ~ ~


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