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I'm Doing About 50,000 ads a month now
8/17/2007 6:48:10 AM I have had success with this automated marketing system.  It takes a little bit of effort to learn but I don't know where else a person can get 4,000 leads every coupld days, market to them and get verifications... I just got 40 verifications from 4000 leads.  I just put in another 4000 leads all automated...

Two days ago I put out an automated newsletter to about 20,000 people.  I got back about 30 leads to call.  I get so many leads that I can't call them all.  I'm using this automated system to market the veretekk system it's self, then my AMSOIL site, also healthy dog/cat food site.  and others too, you can market any number of business opportunities... sign up for silver system for free and tour the site.

I also do direct mail leads, about 2000 at a time and get about 30 people buying the offer off each advertisment effort.  Out of the 30 or more I usually get four to six people signing on.  I usually find folks who have never started a business with these ads. 

Ray Combs

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