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8/8/2007 12:03:01 AM

Good news: Cellular mail-in rebates are higher than ever, typically ranging from $50 to $150 cash back.

Bad news: Cellular mail-in rebates have timing stipulations. You must wait a certain amount of time (months) after ACTIVATING your service before you can send the rebate form to the redemption-processing center.  Be aware, there are expiration dates too! Further, like any other rebate it takes a certain amount of time (weeks) to receive the cash back. Often, processing is manual and subject to human error.

Good news: Even if you don’t like it, now you know it will take at least six months to request and receive your rebate. This is true within the USA, regardless of where you purchase. Now you have the proper expectation about receiving any cash back rebate.

More Good news: When you buy from us, your purchase is electronically processed and any rebate eligibility and amount is recorded at the POP (Point of Purchase). Subsequently, the redemption center process is more controlled and simplified. When the redemption center receives your mail-in rebate form, they post it electronically. Therefore, you now have access via the internet to its status providing you feedback and confidence that your rebate (cash back) is on its way.

We hope this information is helpful!

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