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Article marketing or Blogging more effective?
8/4/2007 12:02:15 AM
I have been article marketing with great success with my team and many of my teammates are really hitting it home with article marketing.

I am in the process of creating a blog for my team to have access to for training and support. My question is for those that have blogged and article marketed extensively which did or do you find more effective and why?

Re: Article marketing or Blogging more effective?
8/4/2007 10:05:54 PM


Great question.

I personally favor articles over blogging.

Don't get me wrong, I like to blog but give me article marketing any day.

I favor articles just because of their viral nature. You can post to several article directories (which means more visitors). You can also take several of your best articles and create an ebook and pass them out to your downline for free and ask them to pass it on to their downlines and on and on.

Before you know it you will have more visitors for your business that your head will spin, of course this is assuming you have included a hyper-link to your company website.

I have written several articles and posted them anywhere I can think and I am seeing major return on my efforts.  I can't quite get the same results with a blog.

I hope this helps


Re: Article marketing or Blogging more effective?
8/29/2007 10:47:40 PM

I think over time articles marketing wins, but you can't count Blogging out.  Blogging puts the "icing on the cake" when it comes to search engine saturation.  Both techniques should be utilized for long-term success on the internet.


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Re: Article marketing or Blogging more effective?
9/5/2007 4:27:34 AM
I actually think the opposite. Article Marketing is a great way to get started quickly and spread the word. For the most part, Blogs have to mature over time, a few months, before they are receptive.

The truth is you should use both. Post the article in the different forms then post it on your blog with the statement that anyone can use it for themselves as long as they keep the author statement with a link back to your website.

I would advise newbies to write an article a day for a week, find out how and where to post, post them, create a blog then post their articles in thea blog.

I would also recommend they go get a domain name, use blogger and tie their domain to it or get hosting and use the blog feature that most hosts have already. and create an autoresponder account tied to a website or blog.


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