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15000 to 100000 by September
7/6/2007 8:54:28 PM

Hi friends,

Ginny Dye the CEO of My Power Mall had a Conferance Call on Monday night and informed us that MPM has 15000+ members in 14 weeks since My Power Mall started.

Her vision is to have 100,000 members by September. In order to achieve this she has brought together a team of experts who will use TV, media and celebrities to promote MPM.

All new people who join through the advertising will be added to the downline of existing members.  So now is the time to join My Power Mall.

Come and join my team and join a program that is going places and will explode very shortly. 

Here is the link to listen to a recording of Ginny Dye's Conference Call on Monday:

Here is the link to watch the Video by Ginny Dye and join My Power Mall

Its all FREE!

Come and join my winning team.

If you have any questions please get in touch with me, either using the forum or sending me a private message.


Las Ratnayake


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