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Arts Exhibitions at Adland #15
6/25/2007 3:09:26 AM

It is our pleasure to bring you the

Arts Exhibitions at Adlandpro
An on-line exhibition of work by Artists and Craftsmen at Adlandpro
(A new exhibition every three weeks)

Exhbition No 15. ANGEL ART by Jenny Stewart

    Jenny Stewart has been a member of AdlandPro since February 2006. She runs an Angel workshop in rural Granada in Southern Spain where she paints angel and nativity figurines which are sold through her website. Jenny is a good friend and her angels are delightful.

Alas y Cia Granada - Angel and Nativity collections

The Porcelain Collection

        Two Cherubs on a Seesaw                A Pair of Guardian Angels

          Angels with lamb & bird                   Pair of cherubs with pets

   The "Antique" Collection

          Baroque angels with horn                          Holy angels with horn

         Pair of Wall Hanging cherubs                    Trompèting Angels

bookend cherubs

              Font with cherubs                         Unusual cherub font

The Wood Effect Collection

                  Angel head shelf                               Large Angel Head

                     Angels Pios                                   Pair of angel musicians

The Christmas Collection

Traditional Nativity Set

           Nativity set with angel                              The three Kings  
             Small nativity Set               Small nativity set complete 1o pieces

                                            Large Set Three Kings

            Angels of the Annunciation  to accompany nativity sets or sold alone

About the Artist
I started my workshop in 1999 when I turned my hobby into a business and  formed Alas y Cia Granada (Wings & Co Granada).  I work in our studio workshop - and nearly work at home - as it is 3 yards from my home!.

I originally started painting angels, instead of my original ceramics, for a Christmas Arts & Crafts Fair Fair for the Spanish Cancer Assocation in 1999, which for the last four years I now run with a collegue, Jane,  who runs a decorating business in the same village.  This has now become an aclaimed event for Arts and Crafts - you can see what we did last year in this link

I am fortunate to be able to earn my living doing this work which I enjoy so much and have become known as the Angel Lady  by many people!   And Alas y Cia Granada is becoming known as the Place for Angel Lovers.

The angels and cherubs  we paint in reproduction antique style and our "porcelain" technique have proved  very popular and we have added a series of Christmas nativities to our range - for a really traditional Christmas.   We now sell to private individuals and shops, both in Spain and in other Countries through Fairs Exhbitions and our web page

We also have a trade catalogue for shops and other professionals of about 300 different angels and Christmas nativity sets.

And now we have our 15 minutes of fame as we are painting the angels for a television film which will be called (in Spanish)  "Angels Inc"  which will be shown on national TV just before Christmas.

The Arts Exhibitions Team

Rinna Rani

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Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adland #15
6/25/2007 3:25:58 AM
Dear Angel Lady, Jenny Stewart,
Hope you are fine & having a good day wherever you are.

Well, I have finally send the art that you do and I truly admire you as a person.  Figurines of angels are a warm and comforting blessings for many, to have this in their home can sometime make a horrible problematic day seem bright and full of hope.  You are doing what many struggle or date not to do and I have to say you inspire me Jenny.

This figurine is amazing.... the beautiful eyes and perfectly round shape face with a gold cloud like underneath, doesn't the figurine look like a small child from the 50's with beautiful curly locks?

Thank you for sharing what you have shared here.  Its an honour for me to know you and its an honour to know that patience and love brings out the best of something in someone and yours is a proof that we can see here.

Take care Jenny, this is for all that you do.

Love, Rina
Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adland #15
6/25/2007 3:57:35 AM
Great Forum Girls :)
Congratulations my Sweet Wonderful friend Jenny :) Your Angels are so beautiful and what a super wonderful presentation, you are so very talented! I wish you all the very very best! hugs and lots of love :)
Lisa Lomas

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Re: Arts Exhibitions at Adland #15
6/25/2007 4:47:05 AM

Absolutely Fabulous Jenny

Thankyou for sharing your talents

Thinking of visiting New Zealand. A must see is Hawkes Bay, Hastings.

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