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Are there any long term Ehtical opportunities left out there? Just maybe!!!
6/20/2007 5:28:20 PM

***Before you read on, simply consider this: If Vibe & Efacor can help you lead a more productive lifestyle, avoid Major Health Problems, feel better everyday, is it not worth it to try it just ONCE to find out? It doesn't matter if you have NO time to promote it, simply use it to help you and your family~!~

Why Do We Need To Supplement? How important is it today? Would you like the opportunity to help others achieve Maximum Health, Save Money, get better results and work from home full time too?
FACT: Linus Pauling's study proved that over 99% of ALL Americans are Mineral Deficient & that every single health issue is tied to this deficiency!
FACT: Greenpeace did a study on American soils and found that they were over 85% depleted of nutrients & that all farmers need to grow crops are just 3 chemicals that create more health issues!
FACT: Even if you eat Organic foods, you will NOT get the proper nutrients! Why? All Organic tells you is that it is void of chemicals, not that it is nutrient rich!
FACT: If we don't supplement our diet, we will at some point become another statistic with a health problem! Did you know that 1 in every 2 people will get cancer today if they don't supplement?
FACT: During the time I have been in Eniva, I have proven time & time again that everyone will save money over store bought products with Vibe 2.0. It replaces so many products that you would need based on our ingredients! On top of that, NO ONE has the science behind it like Eniva! 5 things different are:
1] Angstrom Size Particles: 10,000 times smaller than Colloidal!
2] Water Soluble: Ability to permeate the cells walls for Maximum Absorption (over 95% compared to 30%)!
3] Ionically Charged Particles: Attracted directly to the cell membrane which has an opposite charge!
4] Cell Ready: Once absorbed into your blood cells, the nutrients can be used immediately instead of being toxic!
5] Purity Guaranteed: Since Eniva is the ONLY company with 2 class 10,000 research labs, we check all nutrients for purity! If you have done any research, you may have seen that many store bought products have chemicals in them like LEAD, etc...
Are you ready to achieve Maximum Health yet and an opportunity to retire early by working from home full time? It does not get any better than this combination! Try it just ONCE! When you combine Vibe 2.0 (recently enhanced) ALL IN ONE Health Drink and Efacor, which is our Omega 3 fish oil product together, you simply have Complete Health at your fingertips!!! Most ethical company I have seen in 17 years!

Also, it is FREE to signup to buy these 2 products at Wholesale!!!!! You have 2 choices here...put it off until some major health problem hits you like a ton of bricks OR take charge of your own health NOW & stop procrastinating (Feel better everyday)!

Signup online at either of the first 2 sites below or simply call  1-866-999-9191 and use my ID # 144770 and order the Life Pack and setup Smart Order (auto ship) for over $20 in FREE product! Hours: M-TH. from 9 AM - 11 PM EDT and Friday from 9 AM - 7 PM EDT.


There are 4 web sites for review:  This site has info. on Vibe 2.0 ALL IN ONE Health Drink + Efacor Omega 3 essential fatty acid products. Everyone who signs up for FREE also gets this same site for FREE!  This site is primarily on Vibe 2.0. $10 per year for this site.  This site is the science behind our products & test results. This site is no cost too!  This site can be setup as part of our group for ONLY $20 / 1st year & ONLY $10 to renew each year! Has lead capture and 7 auto responders too!
Thank you and should you have any questions, feel free to email or call me anytime.
Tom Sparrow-Eniva Regional Manager
SKYPE: tom.sparrow53
Tom Sparrow-CEO Health Innovations & Marketing, Inc. (FULL PROFILE) Skype: tom.sparrow53 248-624-0942 or 248-705-9716
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