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A New Candle in Town
6/14/2007 4:44:54 PM

Looking for a great performing soy candle? So were we until we found out about a better way to make soot-free candles!

Although soy candles are one of the newest innovations in candle technology, many "gourmet candle lovers" have been switching to natural vegetable waxes instead!

The inventor of our natural vegetable wax candle was one of the original innovators of low soot and soot free candle technology. Like most candle makers of that period (late 1990s) he started his quest by working with soy wax. He soon found that although soy was indeed a great way to create a low soot candle, it wasn't (in his opinion) the right material for gourmet candles!

In his opinion, gourmet candle burners want strongly scented candles that cover a larger area and give a more realistic scent. What he found was that natural vegetable wax candles not only burned just as clean as a soy candle, but could hold more scent. More scent means a better "gourmet" candle.

With our candles the consumer gets the healthier qualities of a cleaner burning candle, but they also get maximum value and performance! It isn't necessary to sacrifice performance for a healthier alternative. The performance you will get with our gourmet blend is incredible to the very end!

We challenge you to test one of our natural vegetable wax candle(s). We feel confident that you will agree with us that soy candles "just don't hold a flame" to natural wax candles!! Want to know why we are so confident?? Because we also took the challenge....and now we only burn natural wax candles. In fact, we only burn, ONE specific natural wax candle....

If you are looking for the best smelling, best performing, lowest soot producing candle on the've come to the right place! Experience the difference! Try a our Gourmet, Scented Candle and find out why more and more homes across America are enjoying this amazing candle experience!

Go to my website and watch the presetation about the business oppurtunites we offer & to check out the candles!

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