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Robert Phillips

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Writing articles brands you as an expert
6/13/2007 3:16:22 AM

Article Writing

Writing articles brands you as an expert, helps you build valuable back links, and uses pull marketing instead of push marketing. Pull marketing is more effective because you are drawing visitors to you. Visitors are looking for you because you offer something of value up front. Tease the reader with an offer of additional information. Use a list so you can recycle your traffic. Since the internet is largely a content driven medium, you can easily find success by writing articles. However, if the thought of writing articles makes you crazy, try writing lists, or a How To. A How To is easy because you show others how to do something. Just write down the steps.

Submit your article go to one of the sites below and Sign Up

Here’s a list of great places to post your articles to
Search Warp
Self SEO -
Simply Search4it - 300 words or more
Valuable Content 



GO Articles
Article City  
All Freelance Work
Article Alley


Impact Articles
Link General

This should keep everyone busy

Robert Phillips

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Re: Writing articles brands you as an expert
6/13/2007 3:44:34 AM
Hi Rob - what an excellent post. You have so much valuable information and expertise. Have you ever thought of putting an e-course together??

I love the idea of writing articles but wouldn't have had the first idea where to start, As you said - this will certainly keep me busy!!! Could you recommend a couple of the sites for starters??

Its a pleasure to be one of your friends and part of your Next eVolution team

Keep up the good work!
Bruce Butler

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Re: Writing articles brands you as an expert
6/13/2007 6:51:33 AM

Robert: I thought you meant writing articles for AdlandPro.

Thanks, Bruce Seaweedman Help Veterans
Re: Writing articles brands you as an expert
6/13/2007 7:27:14 AM
That is excellent info, I have made a note of all those links.  I got my first article published to Associated content and made a few bucks for it as well.  I went non exclusive so I can submit to other places as well!  Take a look at my article: 

How to determine if a work at home business is a scam

And if you want to join AC and want to write articles for a few bucks then you can join here.  I think I can get credit for referring you!

Many Blessings!
Amy Hatcher
Walter Webb

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Re: Writing articles brands you as an expert
6/13/2007 7:56:30 AM

Thanks for the info Robert. Now I have something that may interest the readers. This site makes search engine optimized website construction easy. All of the tools are right in the software so you don't need to be a webmaster to get results. Watch the video and see what you think, then decide.
I truly believe this technology can help anyone who wants to have a better online presence
Sincerely Walter Webb

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