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E4L In Pre Launch. Hurry, and get your free
5/19/2007 7:29:44 PM

E4L In Pre Launch. Hurry, and get your free
Membership,  and free Upgraded Position!

ONLY A FEW WEEKS LEFT get ready to see the new industry that offers Wholesale prices and LESS!

Remember one firm point in this, Time is drawing to a near close, and once the Launch date has arrived, this thread will be closed too, and all opportunities are GONE before your nose...however wide, and open your gaping eyes, and gleeful lips may appear... 

Only a few weeks left... get ready to see the new industry that offers Wholesale prices and LESS as well, and VIP Members gets all the income benefits this new Company (that will go public too and into the Stock Market in the USA) is offering, and to the rest of the world, with just monthly, or yearly paid members, and renewable, while VIPs are no more with this tagging of funds for membership...

Join before Launch, for a FREE LIFETIME, Membership.

E4L.Biz VIPs just REAP in the Profits as Shareholders with E4L.Biz...and with 100% Matching Bonus, that's just for starters ....

You're also missing something as BIG as you will get to know like what the Academy Awards is all about...recognition of a successful actor...E4L.Biz will become USA & Canada's main supplier of Movies and Games plus music with House Entertainment supplies equipment at Wholesale prices!!!

If you think that this is
a small niche market... you are not doing as well as the Iraqis fighting among themselves for a decent water pipe to be installed in their homes!!! During Pre Launch, you are given 2 options. Free Membership to last as long as the pre launching is and for another 30 days after the Launch Date.

The other is:

The VIP membership. It costs a one-time Membership fee of $20 and NO MORE!!!

During Pre launch, one can already earn income generated, seen, booked, and WDrawn through the Back Office!! Referral Income is generously paid out at 50%. Isn't that GENEROUS?!! A VIP can be paid out fully with just two VIP sign ups this way...and more income earned with more sign ups thereafter...

You sign up a new member turned VIP, you get paid 50% = $10 everytime
Please note that VIPs are then in a privilege position to become Retailers by default and this is an invaluable business gift and edge over every other E4L.Biz member who is not a VIP...and if you want to know what entails a VIP position, why not try signing up as a FREE Member and find out and upgrade like most have after a quick DD carried out on the E4L.Biz site! You will certainly NOT regret becoming a privilege VIP for life and paying less!!!

During this stage, the company is continueing to stay patient until Launch Date to assess the strength, and size of the registered VIPs, and determining the build-up of E4L.Biz foundation base so as to assess the Shareholder's dividend payout after a year's of global sales, which will then be paid ONLY to VIP Members around the globe!!!
use this LINK for Sign - UP!

Re: E4L In Pre Launch. Hurry, and get your free
5/20/2007 10:01:52 AM


I am a member and there are many in my downline and when I checked for my commission there is no indications of any amount. Also I wanted to enrol as a VIP making use of the commission and so far there is no response from E4L. I am a member of so many affiliate programs where the commissions are stated immediately and paid. Please clarify.




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