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The soul's journey according to Edgar Cayce
5/17/2007 7:44:14 PM

According to the Edgar Cayce readings, what is the essence of the spiritual path for each soul?  In other words, what is the journey of the soul?



In essence, according to the Edgar Cayce readings, the journey and the whole point of the soul is to learn, and grow, in order to earn its right to return to the Source and sit by the side of the Creator.


Edgar Cayce’s readings are quite eastern in philosophical thought.  He is, in fact, essentially responsible for introducing, to western culture, or awakening western culture to the notion of reincarnation.


In eastern culture, the concept of reincarnation has been around for centuries.  The Vedic scriptures proclaim that a soul will incarnate, several times, on earth in order to restore balance within its, very, karmic nature.  In other words it is believed that the soul carries with it its own karma.  Karma is, essentially, a concept that adheres to the belief that  actions have consequences and that we are repaid with what we pay out.  The belief is that we will be treated by the way we treat others and that we will receive what we give out.  Karma is not, necessarily, related to the deeds themselves but the belief patterns behind the deeds.


Edgar’s readings mention that karma is what, essentially, shapes a person through, both, their own actions, throughout their various reincarnations, and through contact with other karmas that surround them.  Other individuals’ karmas and the karma of a culture, or society at large, all influence each single individual’s karma.  However important a role Karma plays in an individual’s life, Edgar’s readings do mention that nothing is greater than man’s free will.  It is, specifically, this free will that, ultimately, determines choices a person makes, (There is a river – Thomas Sugrue – Audio book).


The whole point of reincarnation is to give the soul a new learning opportunity to improve itself.  With each reincarnation, the soul has the chance to make amends in relation to itself and in relation to others in order to grow closer to the Divine.  It is believed that this spiritual growth can be achieved through any means which helps others, in light of the Christ consciousness contained within all of us, such as: kindness, healing, teaching, learning, inspiring, motivating, entertaining and so forth.


The Cayce readings’ theory is based upon the belief that every soul has a purpose, a mission to accomplish in life.  It is stated that: a) this mission cannot be accomplished in one lifetime and that is, therefore, why it has to reincarnate, into human form, time and time again; b) that man’s free will can interfere with this mission, according to the choices he or she makes, which, in turn, prolongs the quest making it more arduous and c) that, all too often, as human beings we tend to cater, more, for our material, and physical needs, wants and desires, instead of nurturing our inner being.


According to the readings, there is no determined time frame within which the soul reincarnates.  It is supposed that it could happen within days, weeks, months, years or even centuries from the time of its previous incarnation.


Edgar’s readings, furthermore, denote that essential ingredients for soul development are:


1)      Listening to inner feelings believed to be communications from the Divine.  They indicate whether an action, or course, makes us feel good, or bad, in accordance with emotions we feel.

2)      Having hope, in so much that we should have an expectancy of what will happen and be “open to receive”, (reading 696-3).  Edgar’s readings propose that hope is not just the desire to do, to be or to receive but, rather, the emotion we should use to drive our actions and motivate ourselves with.  We should expect things to happen, so that we can veer ourselves towards realization of what will happen.  It is in that way that we open ourselves up to receiving.

3)      Being patient, in order to be aware of the Higher needs of our soul.  Only when we have this awareness, and pay close attention, can we hear the right answers to the right questions. (reading 696-3).  Being patient does not mean being idle.  It simply implicates that we should, in layman’s terms, relax and take our time to listen and pay attention.  We should not expect everything in the here, and now, pulse of the moment so to speak.


In order to find, and follow, the soul’s mission it is, presumed, necessary for individuals to pay attention to any special skills or talents that they may have.  Principally, this may be done in one of two ways: 1) we can analyse ourselves and pay closer attention to what we are good at, what we feel happier doing and what brings about a feeling of greater satisfaction within ourselves.  2) we can, also, pay more attention to the compliments we receive from others about our qualities, talents and skills.  Another way to find our mission is to analyse our dreams and emotions that arise from them.  Dreams could be considered as a means for the subconscious, or inner being, to communicate with the conscious.


In many ways, Edgars’ readings about the soul’s mission is, very closely, identifiable with Jack Kornfield’s “Path with Heart”.  The fundamental principles are the same.  If an individual feels emotionally happy, physically satisfied and mentally at peace within themselves, following a chosen path, then they “intuitively” know that they are following a path with heart.  By the same token, when someone is dissatisfied with their life, their relationships and pretty much everything else around them, then they are far from following their soul mission.


In other words, if a person can feel whole, happy and in tune with themselves and if they can give, or share with others even, just, a fraction of what they have/feel, then  they are walking the spiritual path and living in accordance with the ideal of higher soul development.  They will be living, and putting into practice, the ideal of the Christ consciousness contained within.


This article is subject to international copyright laws. Reprinting any part without authorisation will be subject to prosecution.




Mark Thurston – Past lives and reincarnation – Audio book


Thomas Sugrue – There is a river – Audio book


Jack Kornfield – A path with heart – Audio book


Edgar Cayce readings:  5749-4, 5749-6, 5758-1, 479-1, 1567-2, 442-3, 987-4, 696-3

Courtesy of the A.R.E website.


“The New Millennium,”  television series

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Re: The soul's journey according to Edgar Cayce
5/17/2007 8:46:04 PM
Oh my, I will be back later with a tea and open mind.
Nick Sym

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Re: The soul's journey according to Edgar Cayce
5/17/2007 10:29:32 PM

Edgar Cayce

In October 1910, this photograph appeared on the front page of The New York Times after a reporter stole it from the home of Cayce’s parents to use for a story.
Born March 18, 1877
Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA
Died January 3, 1945
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

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Re: The soul's journey according to Edgar Cayce
5/18/2007 4:45:33 AM
Thanks, for this.

I'll have to come back and reread this later when I have a quieter moment.

Looking at the photo of Edgar, what a regard he had.  He seems so open and ready to receive.  It feels as if he is actually reading me and absorbing  info.

My two youngest daughters have always given that regard as if they are reading you and looking deeply into you and what you are.


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Re: The soul's journey according to Edgar Cayce
5/18/2007 11:44:21 PM

I like this. Thanks for the heads up! I'd like to learn more about Edgar's readings, and maybe post more of my thoughts in the future about this topic. I'll stay tuned. :)

Thanks, and God Bless ;)


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