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Are you Interested in Organic Gardening
4/19/2007 7:32:00 AM
Hello Friends, Sorry about the long time between posts! I've been busy re-educating myself a new trade (from Gardening)asonline marketting is not profitable enough for me to stay online alone.I've gone back to technical college to learn Business Administration, hence not been on a while. ANYWAY.. I had started a yahoo group in September 2005 which is slowly gaining members,if your interested in Gardening, Organics, Healthy Living or meeting people all over the world, please take a look and join. I know it's a UK address and I'm an Aussie, just happens that I am able to access UK Yahoo easier than AU. GO FIGURE....... So if you have questions or solutions we would love to hear from you .... All the best Leanne Busby
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Re: Are you Interested in Organic Gardening
4/19/2007 1:06:34 PM


Thank you.  I joined and am looking forward to meeting the members of the group.

Here are some forum threads you and other interested in gardening might enjoy.  Visit at your leisure.

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Happy Gardening and I will be looking for you.

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