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Through trick wording, this is what will happen -
4/10/2007 6:59:19 PM
  • Again....It reduces ALL nutritionals WE KNOW OF TODAY to "toxic" substances.
  • Will ALLOW Codex to "permit" SEVEN OUT OF NINE KNOWN REALLY TOXIC CHEMICALS to be "allowed" in our food line - foods that will cross the international trade lines to our table.

Codex is already in control in many countries - that is why we must not let it take control here in the USA in its present written form.


There is legislation ready to be enacted upon...and our outcry against all this is the only way to stop this and preserve our freedom of choice.


For all companies who are FDA regulated, Codex has plans for LOWERING THE FDA'S RDA to ONE HUNDRED TIMES LOWER. (ANOTHER Hit!) This is explained about half way through the video!


Vitamins at those levels won't do 'diddly-squat'!!

(Some, like Co enzyme Q-10, won't even be allowed in anything!

(Co enzyme Q-10 is the main nutrient that feeds the heart and is found naturally in your body. As we age, it decreases - Hugely used drugs like Lipitor prevent Q-10 from being manufactured in the body.)


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