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Andrew Birse

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Re: What's your minor superpower?
2/17/2007 12:20:08 AM
Just posting to keep the forum active.
Regards, Andrew Birse Do you want to retire in 4 years or 40?
Thomas Richmond

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Re: What's your minor superpower?
3/19/2007 11:10:17 PM

Thanks for the Invite, for me it would be the excitment i get when i see people respond to what i say or respond to the actions i take, like an auto-responder - i leave them with good information and a greeting. I come back with the same help the next day- Call me the Minor -auto-responder -Lol,.. helping others. Actually im know as the Adlands Prayerwarrior, but?  Thanks again for the invite my Adland friend.  God_bless

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Michael Teka

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Re: What's your minor superpower?
3/19/2007 11:56:51 PM
I have a knack of building people up with words. I dont know how I do it, but they walk away with a positive mind set once Ive spoken with them. I also have an ability to make friends with just about anyone. Somehow I win them over. Some people you just cant reach. But thats o.k
Michael Caron

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Re: What's your minor superpower?
3/20/2007 12:47:48 AM

 Walking Garbage CanHi,

  Minor Superpower.  Well, I can disguise myself to look like a Walking Trash Can.  That probably won't work.  Perhaps my best power would be that when I am talking with someone face to face, not necessarily looking at the person, I can usually tell if they are being truthful or lying to me.  I am easy to get along with, but don't constipate too often, or rather concentrate on being serious unless the conversation warrants being that way.  I could also sleep for twenty four hours if I had to, but don't often feel the need.  This is an interesting subject.  If I could choose a superpower it would probably be to be a human light bulb.  I could get a charge out of that.  I can rule out being able to know the right woman when I meet her because it took two bad marriages to finally find the right one.  It was definetely worth the wait however because my wife Shirley is the best thing that ever happened to me.  It is funny how we say Thing when referring to our wives and when they are referring to us men we become "it"  I can also rule out being a great coversationalists because as you can tell I'm quite shy and timid and don't like to talk that much. 

God Bless you


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Jason Lamure

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Re: What's your minor superpower?
3/20/2007 5:37:55 AM

My major superpower is the ability to stay positive and overcome any obstacle or hardship.

I also seem to have super fast reactions to those surprise emergencies when everyone else stands and looks at the problem for a second or 2.

example: used to work at an large office/call centre.

Buddy Jose was making bagels in the toaster on "Bagel day", our boss would bring in bagels for all 60 agents on his contract.

Well Hoser as we called him, popped in his bagels and then had to go take a customer call as his line started to ring.

I'm around 100 feet away at my knawing on my own bagel....when I hear a shout, "the toasters on fire!"

We have a sprinkler system and 800 computers on desktop.

My feet hardly touched the ground, sprinted fater than Carl Lewis and yanked the cord, popped the stuck (and flaming bagels) out of the  toaster with a knife and put out the fire and smoke.

Co workers could not beleive how fast I got there and had the fire out.

They were all still standing and gawking like slack jawed yokels...

by the time I had it put out.

I do not even remember thinking, just jumped right over the desk and bolted.

Oh , I can also absorb major amounts of pain and ignore it..has worked so far whenever I've had a big dirt bike get offs or a ski crash (now I'm older I do not wipe out anymore, skill and experience count for a lot)

Note: i have not tested this with broken bones yet and do not intend to!


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