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Dave Cottrell

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Chicken Cannon
10/16/2006 8:36:49 PM
Hi everyone, Well, now I've heard it all... It seems that scientists in the UK have developed a special tool for testing the windshields on commercial aircraft. Apparently birds can be quite a problem when a plane is flying at 600mph. If a bird hits the windshield and breaks it, it can be catastrophic. So... these scientists developed a machine that fires chickens at test windshields to see what kind of impact they can withstand. Of course, the chickens are the kind you pick up at the supermarket, not the cute, feathered kind that run around Farmer John's yard. Ok, so my friend from the UK told me that some US aviation engineers bought the technology and began their tests. Unfortunately, every single windshield they fired a chicken at shattered! Frustrated, the engineers emailed the manufacturer of the cannon back in the UK, and after several emails back and forth to describe the tests and results, a single, one-line email came back..... Are you ready for this???.... "THAW THE CHICKENS, FIRST!" lol! God bless, Dave
Phillip Black

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Re: Chicken Cannon
10/16/2006 9:40:26 PM

Hi Dave,

This is great!

Just goes to show, not all rocket scientists are REALLY ROCKET SCIENTISTS!

You didn't mention if any of them were blond.

Thanks for the smile,

Phil Black

“There may be trouble all around, but I am calling you to a place of peace. Be still and know that I am God. Come to Me, and I will give you wisdom, strength, and grace for everything you face." Psalm 46:10
Re: Chicken Cannon
10/16/2006 9:55:15 PM

Mary Hannan

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Re: Chicken Cannon
10/16/2006 10:16:10 PM
Hello Dave,
You had me really interested in the possiblity of these tests actually happening. I don't get out much. LOL!
Thanks for the laugh!
Bless you,
Re: Chicken Cannon
10/16/2006 10:16:13 PM

Well, Dave, I can see that your kitten deal has lubed your frontal lobe.  I can hardly wait for the next shot.

Using frozen fowl is not a bad idea.  Some birds have been observed by pilots at many thousands of feet altitude.  What if one exceeds his limit, and has a heart attack in a jet stream.  After some time, his feathers and fat no longer insulate enough.  The currents of the jet stream keep him high enough for him to freeze.  He leaves the jet stream, drops, and his frozen body hits a plane's windshield.  C-R-A-C-K!

Oh, well, some meteorologist/rocket scientist/younameit will come along and tell me why my story is lleno de prunes.

[Aside: Daddy, what did you do in the war?  I was a chicken cannoneer. (No offense intended to chickens, fathers, wars, cannon, or cannoneers {political correctness statement No. 378.5 R})]


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