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Midhlaj Shakoor

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Earn 10% as long as you wanted to
9/11/2006 10:35:47 PM

Hello Friendz...:)


This is an excellent opportunity to make your money grow.


You need to have and e-gold account in order to fund this. If you dont have can sign up for one here.


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It has a more than $3,00,000.00 in Total Deposits and has Paid Back more than $2,00,000.00 to the Investors. This program is growing by $15,000.00/Day.


The admin is very honest and this alone has contributed to the HUGE SUCCESS of this Great Program. People are re-investing money in this.


This is an unique and honest opportunity with a lot of potential.


So just don't let this one pass by you. Grab it with both hands.


Good Luck


Thanks and Regards,






I am offering 75% - 80% Referral Commissions Back on this offer. Anyone join and upgrade under me can send me their details to, and upon verification, I will send you the money to your egold.







Beth Schmillen

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Re: Earn 10% as long as you wanted to
9/23/2006 12:37:08 PM
Hi Midhlaj, thanks for posting!! your oppurtunity looks very tempting!! I'll take a look as soon as I get caught up on my email!! Beth

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