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Sarahs Law - Juliana - Lisa - John - Whiffen and much more
8/11/2006 5:46:10 PM

David aka Person Of The Week For This Week Only


Juliana's Rhyming Community Newsletter

Where do I start for you this week?
There's so much going on
Let me start with THE WEEKLY GAZETTE
after-all its our number one

Second of course is the SPOTLIGHT
go honor our dearest friends
then go visit WHIFFEN
where the journey never ends

Go see who's sharing their home with us
in LaNell's feature this week
and for laughs there's JULIANA'S FUNNIES
go and take a peak

I also need your signature
you may have seen this before
but its so very important
that we fight for SARAH'S LAW

I hope I haven't missed anything
there's so much for you to see,
oh, let me tell you your FORTUNE
its great and completely free!

With Love

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Thanks Juliana - Awesome Rhyming Newsletter

Everyone please be sure and visit Juliana' My Space and sign the petition for Sarah's Law




The Forum Links above were for last week.

This weeks Links:

Twenty-Fourth Spotlight:

Lisa Raddell

Twenty-Fifth Gazette:

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Here is a forum here at AdlandPro where you can post and exchange online business building tactics

Here is a forum here at AdlandPro where you can post free Ads . If you have a signature, post 1 post for every opportunity you have you will get better exposure with the search engines and thus better targeted traffic to your sites :-)

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Thanks for Reading ALL this! There is some good stuff here, right!?


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