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Scams - Ebay, Email, and other.
7/27/2006 9:02:48 AM

Let me know what kind of scams you have seen lately!  

Here is the latest one I got.

I had a listing on Ebay.

After winning the auction the "bidder" sent me this email.

Dear Seller,
           I agreed to pay the amount you want as buy it now and any additional money for the shipping. But i am using this opportunity to inform you that the amount that will be on the money order will more than your item fees. I don't realy know the exact amount it will be. Because it will be issue by my client, the reason of the over payment is that the amount on the moneyorder has been signed, and it is more than your item fees. So once you receive it, you must deduct ur item fees and Western Union the balance money to my client manager in Africa,and the item is going to Africa.
 There will be no problem about the shipment. I want you to responsible for it. Also make sure you deduct your item fees and western union any aditional money on the m/o once you receive it.Here we go i would have end the auction but i don't know how to do it. So i want you to go and end the auction for me asap to assure you that i am really interested in your item. I will add extra $5.00 in your payment if you end the auction for me asap. And email me your phone# and where the money order will be addressed to asap today.
Below are the questions i have for you?
(1) Is the item in good condition?
2) Is any westernunion location where you will be able to send the balance money arround you?
3) Can you make sure you get the m/o cash at ur bank the sameday you receive it?
4)  Can you allow me to send DHL for the pick up and complet the transaction the day you receive the moneyorder?
If yes too all my questions. Kindly email me back asap today so that the moneyorder can be send asap.Thanks.
James Webb  
After I contacted ebay and they confirmed that this user was running a scam.  He contacted me again.
Hello Seller,
        Sorry for getting back to you late, due to lots of customers. I will want you to know that my client has agreed to everything you have said and he is ready to mail out the money order as soon as possible. All i want from you is to get back to me with you full name as you want it to appear on the money order, your address where the money order will be addresses/mail out to and also your contact phone number for easy communications. I will want you to be honest and faithful to me in this transaction for future purchases from you.
Hapy Weekend.
The second contact was made after the "bidder" was banned and is no longer a registared member of Ebay.  Apparently He/She bid on several auctions and attempted to pull the same scam on all of them.  I still lost money on the listing because his bid ended my listing and I still have to pay for listing my auction.  I would have made around $50.00 on the listing if this jerk hadn't messed it up!!
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