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Darlene Erickson

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7/25/2006 6:03:22 PM
Hello ……it’s me - Darlene.
I’m really not trying to bug you, but I just wanted to make sure that you aren’t missing out on (what could be) the BIGGEST Money Maker you will ever encounter!
If I could show you a business that made complete sense to you, that didn’t involve any risk, (so you couldn’t lose any money) but you could make you money working from home part time, is that something you would be interested in learning more about?
This company is a 21 year old 700 million dollar company that has been inducted into the “INC 500” hall of fame (also one of the few companies that has made the “INC 500” list FIVE times!) They have also been honored by the US Chamber of Commerce for innovative marketing. The Company’s President and CEO is also on the Board of Directors for US Chamber of Commerce and they are members of the Better Business Bureau.
This is a consumer direct marketing company where households shop everyday types of items through a catalog. They offer customer commissions for simply referring others to shop with them. It’s a similar concept to Sam’s Club were you become a member to get preferred pricing, only at here you order through their catalog and the products are shipped directly to your home and for referring someone to shop with them, they compensate you!
Imagine if you could order factory direct from a major manufacturer for your household & personal care items, pay their wholesale price, and have shipped to your front door! Then if you refer someone they will give you a commission check every time they order. That’s what this company does! I doesn’t get much easier that that!
This company provides wellness products that are guaranteed to be: More economical than grocery store name brand products, safer for your home and family, environmentally responsible and effective & unique products. These products
DO NOT contain any of the following:
Formaldehyde (found in most baby shampoos/bath wash-YUCK! Also in some soaps & cosmetics)
Chlorine Bleach
Aerosol Propellants (The E.P.A has proven this is bad for the ozone)
Other harsh ingredients
Once I found out that I had been using formaldehyde-(hidden in the ingredients of J&J as Quaternium-15)-on my five year old,  I immediately bought the kids products and his skin is finally clearing up (he’s had “baby pimples” on his arms and legs since he was born-the Doc just kept saying - they’ll go away!) After that long - and who knows how much money I spent on different lotions, soaps, creams, etc. using the these products on him for only three days, I could see the difference! So I started using ALL their products and they really do work (at a lower price). I think the best part is: I don’t have to go to Wal-Mart anymore. I don’t “impulse” buy anymore. I don’t know how many times I have gone to Wal-Mart for laundry soap and left without it and at least $100 light in my wallet!
So, I just want to share this “miracle” company that I have stumbled onto. Give me a call, email or simply fill out the “Get More Info” link on my website. Believe me, you won’t be sorry.
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Donggeun Yoo

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Re: Become a Member of The M.O.M. Team - You won't be Sorry!
7/31/2006 10:36:24 PM



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