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Ton Boerkamp

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7/19/2006 12:01:33 PM
SO HOW COULD YOU BENEFIT? Being a business person you will appreciate that it's very difficult to earn a life-changing income working for yourself with a small number of staff. People like Richard Branson and Bill Gates earn big incomes from the efforts of literally thousands of people in their organisations. There is a race on between the AGEL and the other companies to acquire as many customers as possible over the next 5 to 10 years. So what else can they do? AGEL has taken a serious look at other methods to recruit customers; that’s where you come in. Small business owners like yourself and their managers usually know a few other small business owners, who may be looking for additional income streams. You only need to personally introduce a few customers (6 to 12) and you can count yourself as a customer. As you introduce a few other small business owners to the concept, they join your organisation and start building their organisation within your team. Consider this example; if you introduce 6 customers and just 2 other business people, who do the same as you, this could add up to a monthly commission of about $ 8000 a month. (month in month out) You do the job once and continue getting paid forever! You are therefore in a perfect position to take full advantage of a multi-tiered affiliate program already in place. The company is willing to pay generously to build their customer base. Some small business owners find it an ideal opportunity for their wife/husband/partner to run on a part time basis. You will be given your own AGEL-NETWORK web site, to see my web site just click on this link: If you are interested to know more or have any questions please contact me via email or telephone so I can explain further details to you. WATCH THE AGEL VIDEO Regards Ton Boerkamp skype=uklotto
Tom Sparrow

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If you are serious about health, think about this...Add all 3 of Agel's gel packs and they won't equal Vibe from Eniva...
7/19/2006 12:14:18 PM
What if...your life could change forever due to ONE product??? VIBE 101...
To sum this up in a nutshell as I continue my search and comparison of ALL health products out there, the Vibe 101 continues to be the BEST of the BEST Full Health Regimen!!! I joined in December and as many of you know from my postings, I have issued a Health Challenge! If anyone can show me a better product from this standpoint: Ingredients and delivery system for assimilation, I will signup and try it now!!! Not only that, but Eniva's marketing plan is the most rewarding I have seen to date, bar none!!! Guess what? I have been in MLM full time for over 15 years and ALL the marketing plans I have seen don't even come close!!! This is setup for even the part time worker to make money easily too!!! Our volume requirements are much lower to move up the plan by almost 1/2 of any other plan! More...
1] What if you found the Most Complete Health Regimen in ONE product on this planet, would you try it to see the results? NO FEE TO SIGNUP & 100% MONEY BACK!!!
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3] What if you could easily wash your cost of your own product purchase with simply 4 people on the product? By intro
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Simply look over how powerful this product is for changing people's live here: and if you want to hear some audio testimonials, here is a list of them to listen to....simply click on them or copy and paste them in your browser:
Need to hear more testimonials? Call 24/7 to 1-620-294-2704, options 2, then 1 and direct dial this number: 618-355-1135. My self replicating web site where you can signup online and to have this site yourself is ONLY $9.97 per YEAR!!! Science and all questions answered  Look at the product section (OVER 80 products) and the opportunity!
   Afterwards, if you want to try this product, call 1-866-999-9191, press 6 for the "Bottle And A Box" and use my ID # 144770 as your sponsor. Setup Smart Order for the FREE samples!!! Also, if you are not happy with the results you get with the Vibe, simply call them for a FULL REFUND. You may also signup online here by clicking the box at the bottom of the page twice: If health is not a priority for you and your family, then disregard this message. I wish you great success in this industry!
My Best Health to Everyone! Tom Sparrow 248-624-0942 or 705-9716
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Tom Sparrow-CEO Health Innovations & Marketing, Inc. (FULL PROFILE) Skype: tom.sparrow53 248-624-0942 or 248-705-9716
Donggeun Yoo

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7/20/2006 6:49:30 AM




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