Bring your Buddys
7/6/2006 3:22:27 PM

Bring Your Buddy is LAUNCHING and you’re on the front edge of a fantastic business and income generating vehicle, no matter what your experience level. Wait until you see the TOOLS and RESOURCES you’ll have to promote any business you wish!

Get Ready for the FUN!!

We join 4 FUN 4 MONEY and PROMOTION of our Businesses!

We are here to help you as a TEAM.

See you at the TOP!


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Join Dorothy Akerman at Bring You Buddy Get Free Money From Bank of America
7/6/2006 11:48:28 PM

Hi Furture Friend and Buddies

Join Dorothy Akerman

I have a most unbeatable "DEAL"

If you sign up for BYB you will need a Safe Pay Solutions account

On the main page of Safe Pay Solutions "The name says it all"

You will see the Bank Of America logo

If You eMail me at SafePay I will send you a coupon so you can walk into any Bank of America office in your city and they will give you $35.00- $220.00 just to open a FREE account with FREE bill pay. The works for FREE. They will also send Designated Driver of America Inc. a non-profit org a check for the same amount. Can it get any better then this you get BYB for FREE for 3 mounths up to 22 mounths. Can it get any better then that?

You bet it can lets get one up on PayPal, all monies at Safe Pay Solutions are in Bank of America when you sign up for Safe Pay Solutions they give you a Bank of America # here's mine 2005 5297 5703 0258

You can show your SPS Virtual Card anywhere by following links:

I have had a Free Bank of America account for over two years now and all I have to do is Bill pay for FREE to my Safe Pay Solutions # and their is no fee to fund my account. If I send $50.00 two days later $50.00 is in my account no fee Here's the kicker Safe Pay Solutions does not have my credit card Info or Bank Account Info.

Click Here And Listen To What BYB Is All About

BYB Is For Real
Jim Reynolds And Barry Eschenberg answer the questions about
Bring Your Buddy.

You can get info and sign up for BYB frow any of these links
??? your link here BYB member already thats OK

My Best To All Lets Be Friends
Henry Hilley DD Call me anytime " I Have Money Freedom "

Who am I =

1-888-TOO-MANY USA and Canada or 1-800-405-7707
1-803-238-9406 usa Int 001-803-238-9406 Your "Trusted Gateway" To The Internet and Beyond! DESIGNATED DRIVER™
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