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Whats your excuse...........
5/5/2006 5:33:25 AM
Hello Everyone, Quite a few people are very good and do post, this is mainly directed at the people who dont post. One of my previous posts "Why are there no posts?" one person posted that gave me an idea for a new thread ! So here it is...."Reasons for not posting" 1) Not good at typing . Lots of people are not able to type very well.I'm not that brilliant either. There are programs that can help you,just put typing lessons in google search and see how many come up. Also the more you type the better you get! 2) What to say except thanks for the invite That's OK! Say the first thing that comes into your head, any questions,your(TRUE) feelings of that program, business, website, sale,story or joke. Dont let fear stop you!!! 3) Not interested in what they are promoting If your not interested SAY IT ! At least that person knows where you stand,it might even stop them pushing it too you!! Or just say 'No thanks have a good day! :) ' 4) Read and enjoy but don't feel the need to comment. How many sites are you really join to sign up for. Ok,for myself, I would be happy for everyone on my list to answer or post at least once a fortnight. It shows me I have your interest , I'm on the right track. Judging what people need and want is a difficult thing. Your comment could be as short as 'Looks great,Thanks!' 'Not interested, Thanks!' 'Have to pass this time ,Thanks! ' 'I enjoyed reading this,thanks!' 5) It takes a large friends list to get a good number of responses. For everyone that leaves Adlandpro you need to replace with active people. The Large list will certainly get more numbers of posts ..BUT , if your not getting visability, presence, have peoples interest and are not very active. Who on that big list will really listen to you... will they go who's that and delete your invite or email. 6) Too many e-mails by the same people over and over. I do not need to hear 5 times a day from people on my list. Well write an Email and tell them, if they dont reply, write to them again,if they dont reply ... use the BLOCK Feature. They are just spamming you at five times a day!! If you dont want to totally block,remove yourself from the forums that your not interested in. 7) People do have a business to run and a life outside of "Chat Rooms" which is what forums are. I Work,I have family and friends,I have commitments too,we all do. "This is a business" I also answer 50+ forums a week, answer over that number in letters (just in adland) Then there's placing ads, surfing,helping downlines,making changes to webpages and the list goes on.....I feel that this activity is part of my business...And you know what,my business is building. There is no real excuse, your either in for the hard yards and the prize at the end or your just taking a marketing ride-'where it stops no-one knows!' ------------------------------- "Why are there no posts?" Wayne Ellis says.... Have we become the "I want it all, and I want it right now" generation? If it requires hard work and patience to become successful in the offline world, how could it possibly be any different in the online world? ******************* Lisa (Lee Lu) Westberry says.... To get more peoples attention I think you have to become visible, make friendships, and have good relationships with good leads in many areas. Than you have other friends show there support for you and what you are doing. People see this and then come and start checking more of what you do and say. ********************* Thanks for joining me here today no my little rant! Be good to hear your opinion!! Thanks Leanne Busby
Ana Maria Padurean

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Re: Whats your excuse...........
5/5/2006 6:43:46 AM
Hello Leanne. This is one of the best posts I've read lately. I read more than I post for sure! Sorry for that :-( I have something for you to add here: 1. I do not always post in every forum I read because my PC is so slow that I even could fall asleep while moving from one page to another. So I have to sattle with reading sometimes. 2. I have to confess that there are times I do not post because the person having my support is never "wastng" time for mine. So I feel somehow used. 3. And this one I'm so very sorry for :-( I have only a very limited time to be online so I have to do my duties first and than to go to the places I;m commited with and than to chack out something new... and if there is no title that atracte me there I have to choose randomly from the mails I have in my inbox; otherwise its hard for me to choose where to go and where not to. So I visit what I can and the rest leave for some other time; that there is chance to visit or delete in the future - not happy with this but that facts are. I think I've said everything that first came to my mind. Can you imagin what came second? LOL ;-) I'm so glad that I clicked this now and didn't leave it for later! With friendship, Anamaria
Derek Pryde

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Re: Whats your excuse...........
5/5/2006 6:57:23 AM
Hi , Leanne I dont remember seeing your Why are there no posts? post. (lame excuse.) Seems to me the only way to get people to read is to ask a direct question, like you've just done with this forum post, and amazingly many take offence ! I've pretty much given up promoting business here at adland. Its not productive for me . People dont like my political & religious standpoint, so at least theres a reason for them to ignore me. I read some of your posts though i'm not really interested in jokes or the like. I've hit the grumpy old man period of life, & am taking things real serious. As you know I want radical changes in our views, societies , lifestyles & world. I have to make a point now of not rising to some of the rubbish I read at adland these days, its a waste of time trying to have a discussion with closed minds.(i'm not referring to you , i'm sure you know that). I may occassionaly post some music stuff but other than that adlands history for me. I'm not interested in pretending to be friends with people just to get my hand in their pockets.(think its called networking). Anyway Leanne you can email me anything you like via any of my sites or contact me for an email address. PS. Currently got 9 websites held hostage by (AVOID THEM) cost me pennies, so I expected some difficulties. I should have moved hosts soon as my sites got to top of SEs. I did kind of expect host to pull some sort of stunt. Have to find alt hosting now & see what I can salvage from old backups. Keep me busy for the next month. Good luck with promoting at adland !
cheers Derek
John Stowell

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Re: Whats your excuse...........
5/5/2006 7:01:52 AM
Hi Leanne, At the moment i'm one of those thats slow to answer, I read and leave in the inbox to reply and then when I get back to the message I do find it hard to think of what to say. Its also difficult to say no, so I am apt to do nothing, if I say no to them, they will most likely say the same to me. Maybe i'm in the wrong business. Regards, John.
Re: Whats your excuse...........
5/5/2006 9:18:27 AM
Hi Leanne, I have found I do not have the time I need to spend at Adland. I have so much mail from here that I usually have to delete it all at the end of my day. I belong to another community and contribute to a couple of forums, but most of my time is spend building my business on the phone. Most of the mail I receive from here is all about the next greatest money program and little about network marketing and mlm... so perhaps I am in the wrong community? You always offer good information and I do appreciate the way you try to pull people together however so I will drop back in to see if I can contribute something of value. All the best! Julie

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