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The Art of Leapfrogging
4/30/2006 1:56:43 PM
Hello everyone, I thought I would share this article with you since I found so much value in it. I think that the thoughts and ideas conveyed in this article are of super value to almost anyone. Enjoy and let me know what you think. The Art of Leapfrogging The foolproof way to enroll any new Distributor by Richard Brooke Leapfrogging is a form of presentation whereby your enrollment candidate is motivated to join your opportunity, not based on what they know about your program or their belief in themselves, but rather based on who they know by occupation. It is based on the author's belief that most people who choose not to join you do so for two basic reasons: 1. Based on what you told them and on their own self-esteem (or lack thereof), they do not believe they can be successful. 2. They do not believe that what they could earn would be worth the time and effort they would need to put forth. In other words, they "hear" $1,000 a month and they interpret it will take all of their spare time, which they decide is not worth it. In either case, you as the enroller are fighting a steep, uphill battle. If they lack belief in themselves or in MLM as a concept, you should know that they have been building that belief for most of their adult life - all of their life if it is a self-esteem issue. No matter how hard or good you sell it, you will not unwind that belief in a 30-minute presentation. Want to know a powerful secret used by only the best in the world? Read the rest of Richard Brooke's powerful article here: -------------------------------------------------------------------
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Re: The Art of Leapfrogging
5/11/2006 1:54:38 PM
Hi, Connie, Thanks for sharing this article, which is nicely written. I haven't looked at the rest of it in your link yet, but I will. May I suggest a better way to get notice here? You placed this article in your own forum also. Why not create a link in your signature file and post to one of the threads that I have invited my forum members to? Since a universal invitation to this one didn't go out, there have been only a few views. But your headline is compelling enough to click on. If you post to the general conversation with a link in your signature, you'll get more action out of it, I think. Even I didn't know this thread was here for a full 10 days. Just a thought. Even though this article is nicely written and doesn't violate my rules of no advertising, I would normally remove it with a polite note, because it doesn't fit the theme of the forum. However, because it provides a way to illustrate my suggestion, I'll leave it. For future reference to anyone who sees this, my forums are open because it's far too much trouble to moderate them. But if you want to introduce a thread, I appreciate it if you bear in mind what the forum is about. AND absolutely no advertising threads or replies to existing threads with blatant advertising or advertising for things that have no bearing on the conversation. Those will be removed as soon as I see them. The note isn't very polite when that happens. Thank you. Cheri

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