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ūüö®Use ‚ÄúDigital Intelligence‚ÄĚ, The Most Powerful New Technology of Our Lifetime!
4/22/2024 3:34:38 PM

The Future Coach 8-Week Training Program!

Future Coach program combines the best of original Virtual Coach training with cutting-edge A.I. tools and training.

This 8-week live program empowers students to harness "Digital Intelligence," mastering skills to write compelling marketing, create online courses, and deliver powerful presentations.

Program Highlights:

  • Digital Intelligence Mastery: Learn the language of A.I. called "Prompting" and train your A.I. to speak in your unique voice.
  • Build Your Brand: Elevate your confidence while building a strong personal brand.
  • Live Coaching & Q&A: Get real-time guidance, demos, and Q&A sessions to ensure you're on the right track.

As part of the Future Coach, You will be invited to attend a 7-day Coach Expo event, featuring 21 top coaches and teachers from around the world. From Brian Tracy to Mary Morrissey, this event will offer You a transformative "coaching week."

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