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Beth Schmillen

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Any advice?
4/17/2006 8:41:48 PM
An earlier post here in the Resource Room is about ugly sites. This next article would possibly substantiate that claim. I havne't come to a conclusion of my own as to try to create an ugly website or to glitz it up with 'gizmos' -- Any advice? The following is from ...and I quote.... "Pre-Launch Edition.- update 1. Welcome to thendt Special Feature. "We are grateful to Rosalind Gardner for her kind permission to publish the following article:- "Increasing Site Revenue: Forget the Gizmos." "Forget the 3D logo. Toss the animated graphics and pictures of pretty women. Cool scripts don't help you much, and music will kill the deal. What the heck am I talking about? I'm talking about all the things webmasters and developers use to make their sites 'better'. But better for whom?" continued: <<<>>> I've created a website of my own on eCompPlanet but have not promoted it very much. If you would like to look at it, feel free to critique (construtively) -- any feedback would be appreciated. All about Vemma - just info - no selling - no kidding I'm also learning about website development and have found a valuable service for this creative endeavor! this is a txt ad for it that I've run on Adland.... Simplify, define tasks, and set it all in motion with this indispensable service: MY Marketing Formula. Utilyze the Extensive Checklist of Marketing Tasks with select updating features. Meet your personal deadlines today! Everyone involved in the marketing and the design of web sites 1) Business Owners 2) Web Development Companies 3) Marketing/Advertising Agencies 4) Marketing Consultants 5) Web Design Consultants can streamline the process by staying on task with this marketing formula. <<<>>> I hope all had a wondrous, lovely or at the very least, an interesting, easter, passover, weekend, secular sunday! any and all other holidays that are coincident with the jewish or christian time... my apologies for not acknowleging them.... actually, if there are other celebrations that coincide with the easter day... I'd love to hear of them.... Beth
Linda Harvey

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Re: Any advice?
4/17/2006 9:01:54 PM
Ohhhhhhhh, I will jump on this one for what my two cents are worth. Yes, forget the razzle dazzle hype, music, etc. I love your website. It immediately tells me what your product is, nice picture, information and wow I don't have to sign, hunt thru pages trying to figure out what you are hiding and not promoting, ha, ha!!! Vemma wonderful. Thank you, I wish more people would stop all the hype, just tell me what your product is and how proud you are of it! Linda
Re: Any advice?
4/18/2006 1:33:22 PM
Amen! My page ( is self-constructed and very basic--it's a site for people to find advertising solutions for any program they're into. 99% free! I agree totally with what's been posted. It's too tiresome to wade through all the glitz and glamour! Not to mention confusing..... KISS!

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