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💚 12 Year Old Company Launches New Global Powerline!
9/19/2023 2:15:20 PM

GoDesana is a 12 year old essential oils company and
they have just launched a new global powerline.

This is only 12.95/month and YOU RECEIVE PRODUCT!

There is a HUGE earnings potential with GoDesana.
You "upgrade" simply by ordering a product which in
turn will lock-in your postion in the 2x15 matrix.
There are fast start bonuses and matching bonuses.

The Powerline system is based around a
"first-to-upgrade-wins" automated Marketing System.

Every Tour-Taker goes into the queue. Everyone who
upgrades with an order instantly jumps ahead of all
Tour-Takers and is automatically placed in the highest
open position below their enroller, on a first-come,
first-served basis.

💚 Take a Free Tour..

⏳ The sooner you join the higher you will be placed on our team!

Must see testimonial video!


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