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PLR owners rejoice! (New income stream)
9/1/2023 1:14:11 PM


Eric's AiVideoSuite

If you're like me, you probably have some Private Label Rights (PLR)
products on your computer.

The problem for many of us is that we end up with a lot of stuff collecting
"digital dust" on our hard drive, and we never get around to monetizing it.

The other problem is that most of us don't take the time to actually use the
PLR license to turn the product into something new and unique.

Today I've found the perfect solution to all of those problems:

It's called AiVideoSuite, and it does a LOT of cool things. One of the best
ways you can use this tool is to breathe new life into old PLR products!

Let me give you some examples...

Suppose you have an old PLR ebook (we all have some of those, LOL). You can run that ebook through AiVideoSuite to turn it into a VIDEO course!

AiVideoSuite uses AI technology to READ any text out loud in a lifelike
human voice, so you don't even have to record anything.

THEN, it creates slides to go along with the voiceover...
THEN it turns it all into a video (MP4 file) ready for you to upload or

Short videos are usually better for learning from, so you could literally
turn one PLR ebook into a full-fledged video course containing 20 videos.

Now you have a new product! You can sell it, bundle it, or whatever you want
to do with it.

Next, suppose you've got some old PLR articles (we've all got some of those
too, right?)...

You can run those articles through AiVideoSuite to instantly turn them into
video promotions.

You can turn them into videos that you could use for promoting affiliate
products, or getting traffic to your own site, or you could create them as
traffic magnets for local businesses.

I recommend getting this today:

If you have any PLR products, you owe it to yourself to grab this so you can
cash in on the goldmine that is sitting right there on your hard drive.

The launch special will be ending soon, so don't delay!

Check it out HERE!

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RE: PLR owners rejoice! (New income stream)
9/4/2023 10:39:25 PM
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