Liquidchum Scent Lure All-Natural Fish Oil
4/10/2006 3:11:28 PM
Fishermen, Hunters and Trappers Alike ! We offer the 2 oz. and the 16 oz. Bottle Of Liquidchum All-Natural Herring Oil Scent Lure. It will help you catch them but the job of bringing them home is still yours! Liquidchum Scent Lure is an all-natural, fish oil. The type of fish the oil is extracted from is the “Atlantic Herring”. The Liquidchum Scent Lure has been proven to attract all types of fish and animals alike! For Fishing, Just put a few Drops of the Liquidchum Scent Lure on Your Bait And Cast Away! Or For Trapping Use the all-natural herring oil Scent Lure To Leave A Scent Trail leading to your trap! Which way you decide to use this All-Natural Scent Lure it will improve your score, Guaranteed!!! For ease of use, Liquidchum All-Natural Herring Oil Scent Lure is in a virtually unbreakable plastic bottle with a convenient flip top, and will fit comfortably in your tackle box or backpack. Please email {} for pricing. On the web at Please be sure to include your mailing address for cost quote on shipping. Thank you for taking the time to read this add and I look forward to your email, Take Care! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please copy and paste this URL into your Browser's address bar then click go and you will see a photo of Liquid Chum All-Natural Herring Oil.
Gordon Goreham, Nick Name {Snookie}
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