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If You Are a Heart-Centred Entrepreneur, This is for You
3/6/2023 6:51:32 PM
I'm excited to share this heart-centred Spiritual Entrepreneur Bundle with you because I am one of the participants, and I have a special bonus for you, if you invest in the bundle via my LINK....

spiritual entrepreneur

Bundle Bash's Spiritual Entrepreneur Bundle is Live!

March 3rd-12th

Harnessing your talents to attract clients

We all possess unique talents and skills that make us great at what we do. But how can we recognize our given talents and find potential clients who are looking for our services?

If you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, I’m excited to share a bundle of tools and resources that will help you find the exact info you need right now to improve your heart centred business and yourself.

Head on over and get all the details HERE.

This unique bundle will help you learn how to tap into your intuitive wisdom, with clarity and confidence, all the while staying mindful of business necessities like marketing, setting goals, and more.

This is a limited time offer so head on over and Get Yours Today.

You may be wondering what my contribution to the bundle is, so here's a quick peek:

cosmic ordering

I share how to get what you really want in your life and business. You really can have what you really want, if you cosmic order the right way. I show you how...

List of Participants

1. Marilyn Alauria - The SASS Experience - $997

2. Colin Yearwood - Heart-Aligned Selling for Spiritual Coaches - $197

3. Rayven Monique of Abundability - Vision Board Workshop - $97

4. Gabby Conde of A Cup of Zen - How to Use Prayer to Manifest What You Want Exercises & Journal - $37

5. Ann Hession of Soulpreneur Success Code - New Client Accelerator Program - $768

6. Sue Pats of - Spirituality for Prosperity Masterclass - $97

7. Ruth Bowers of Ritchie Media - 25 Mandalas to Color (and ideas on how to use them) - $47

8. Cooper Gillespie of Becoming Infinite - Challenge in a Box - $37

9. Ana Tarouca of My Fair Ladies Printables Boutique - Zodiac Women Planner Templates - $27

10. Jenn Brockman of Planning Addicts - Grimoire Revamped - $30

11. Rayven Monique of Color Monthly PLR - Colorful Bucket List Planner - $52.50

12. Damla Bozkurt Aktekin of A Drop of Om LLC - Deepen Your Healing - Recorded Crystal Healing Session Bundle - $44

13. Melanie Dougherty of BittySpireLife - Solar Plexus Chakra "How To" Guide with Printable Affirmation Cards - $27

14. Bronwyn Simons of Bronwyn Simons Astrology - Practical Astrology for Business Planning - $98

15. Laurie Jonas of Living Marvelously, LLC - Creating Infinite Possibilities for Abundance Online Course - $111

16. Brittany Fagan of EPIC Woman - Expansive Journaling Practices - $33

17. Renée Stotz of Soul Alchemy Branding - I AM Collection Visual Meditations - $47

18. Virginie Vandeuren of Oxyp Design PLR - Spiritual Quotes Coloring Pages - $37

19. Gaia Girus-Nowoczyn of Empowered by Gaia - Unlock the Gates to Plenitude - €47 ($51)

20. Jennifer Lyall - Intuitive Business Decision Making Blueprint - $49

21. Joanna Ingram - Magnetic Messaging & Content Mini-Course - $47

22. Jillian Ferraro - Mindfulness Dashboard for Notion - $29

23. Kerrie Mullins-Gunst of KMG Consulting - Authenticity - $27

24. Tanya of The Peace We Crave - Positivity Self-Assessment - $27

25. Jilanne Holder of Soulful Planner - Soulful Mindset Journal + Improve Your Mindset Hub - $49

26. Karen Burke of Mad Moose Mindfulness - Pathfinding with Human Design - $37

27. Jackie Ruggiero of Active Mom Printables - Self Care Journal & Workbook - $37

28. Andrea Allen of Living Simply Creative - Building a Positive Mindset Blog Posts Bundle - $27

29. Bao Yang of Bao Yang Coaching - Effective Self-regulation 101 - $97

30. Estelle Defrance of PLR for Your Success - DFY New Beginning Wall Arts PLR - $27

31. Lara Champion of Tales From the Rouge - Mystic Love Watercolor Paper Pack - $37

32. Sarah Pritchard of Angel Cuddle Publishing - Get What You Really Want Step by Step Cosmic Ordering 21 Day Course - $55

33. Maria Ramirez of Blue Rain Orchid - Spiritual Self Care Journal - $27

34. Molly Lambert of Moonlovers Magick - Ultimate Manifestation Journal - $27

35. Cayla Twerdochlib of Deeply Rooted Healing - Inner Hunger - $67 CAD ($50 USD)

36. Gregory Reece-Smith - Moving From Survival To Freedom - $47

37. Cait Byrnes - Magical Marketing Masterclass - $69

Total Value $3,600

That's 37 Contributions for just $47

My Bonus:

If you invest in the bundle via my LINK, you can request a one to one Cosmic Ordering and Ho'oponopono consultation session, with me, once you have completed the 21 days of the course.

Just send me proof of purchase and we'll connect hearts for some Cosmic Ordering of what you really want.

This is a limited time offer so head on over and Get Yours Today.

Here’s to us taking our heart-centred businesses to a higher level

Angel Cuddles,

Angel Cuddle Cafe Empowering You to Live with Ease in Love, Joy and Abundance Angel Cuddle Publishing Angel Cuddle Trails Click here with your ghostwriting needs
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