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Consult the Best Skin Specialist in Bangalore
3/4/2023 10:54:42 AM
Skin allergies are one of the most common skin issues and refer to the irritated red and inflamed skin caused by an allergic reaction to an allergen, which is typically a harmless substance. During an allergic response, the immune system releases histamine that causes many symptoms of allergies. This includes skin rash, itching, raised bumps, cracked skin, and scaling or flaking of skin. Skin allergies cover many allergic conditions such as contact dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, and hives (or urticaria). The triggers that result in skin allergy include pollen, pet dander, certain food items, plants, sunlight, laundry detergent, cold and hot temperatures, latex, and many more. Consult now the best skin specialist in Bangalore Dr. Rasya Dixit, at Dr. Dixit Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic to get effective treatment for all types of skin issues and allergies to achieve a healthy skin that is disease-free and flawless.

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