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Raising Your Frequency w/ Grape Healing Energy and the Sacred Freedom Technique
8/25/2022 4:53:23 PM
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New blog post at Angel Cuddle Trails:

Angel Cuddle Trails - Ho'oponopono and Tapping in Cadillac-en-Fronsadais, to draw upon the healing energy of the grapes and nature, to raise your frequency, with the intention of starving the Darkers of the dense energy. The Darkers can not feed on energy that is not there... We are transmuting the dense energy to higher frequency energy of love and light.

My trail today took me to vineyards in Cadillac-en-Fronsadais, Bordeaux.

In this video, I’m among the vines. In other videos, I’ve spoken about the preventative and remedial properties of the grape. Here, I’m with the grape vines and that’s lovely too – cleaning atmosphere of the countryside. The energy of the grapes and vines always raises my frequency.

Join me in drawing on that energy. Participate in this love transmission. Transmute the dense energy to higher frequency energy. Together, let's deprive the Darkers of the dense energy they feed upon.
The blog post has some photos as well as the love transmission and Sacred Freedom Protocol. And you can find the blog post here:

Angel Cuddles,
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