Words Of Encouragement
11/4/2021 10:45:08 PM
Hello, hope that all is well with you and that you are trying
to live your best life. I'm not looking for anything. Just want
to spread some uplifting words because this world can be
such a cold, cold place and people can be so mean to one
another. My word to you for today is "As you become more
clear about who you really are, you will be better able to
decide what is best for you. "NEVER STOP DREAMING".
Dream big and remember that your dream doesn't have to
make sense to anybody else as long as it makes sense to
you. It is always nice to have a significant other in your life
but never allow that person to disrespect you because
"YOU DESERVE BETTER". If you get a chance, please
visit my daughters website, she is trying to do something
positive with her crafting skills. Help a black business owner.
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